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    Band: Shoutin' Devils
    Country: Italy (Modena)
    Genre: Heavy Metal(earlier) - Melodic Hard/AOR (later)
    Release: Soundboard live bootleg
    Date: 1985-07-22 (22 July,1985)
    Bitrate: mp3 - 320 kbps


    Shoutin' Devils were formed in 1982 when the average age of the players
    was 13,they started playing heavy metal until 1986 when a keyboards
    player was added changing sound to Hard/AOR; after the release of the
    promo tape 1987 it seemed they were running on the road of success,
    signed a deal with the italian major label CGD for the debut album
    and Daniele Iotti was chosen to play guitar for the italian pop
    superstar Adriano Celentano both live and in RAI (italian national television)
    but on the night of 20 August 1988 while coming home from a gig he and two
    of his friends tragically perished in a car crash.

    A couple of charity concerts were held in his hometown to celebrate
    his memory by the surviving members that then separated their ways,
    actually some of them kept on playing by shortening the band's name
    to Shoutin' but that's another story...

    I have already posted a 1987 demo some weeks ago,this is a sondboard live
    recording from their early days when SD used to play as a trio,enjoy it!!!!

    Line up:

    Daniele Iotti - guitar,lead vocals R.I.P. (26-09-1968 - 20-08-1988)
    Roberto "Tone" Montorsi - drums
    Andrea "Human" Bassoli - bass,backing vocals


    01 - everybody wants to rock
    02 - devil's bell
    03 - why just me
    04 - red house
    05 - rest to love
    06 - shoutin' devils
    07 - 'porcata' - ouverture guglielmo tell + te deum
    08 - prisoner to your love
    09 - we need rock
    10 - drum solo
    11 - we are the life
    12 - rock and roll all nite
    13 - love in the night
    14 - tuning
    15 - ouverture guglielmo tell+everybody wants to rock+guitar solo+finale

    Hidden Link
    "Solo i Morti Hanno Visto La Fine Della Guerra - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War.”
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    MARCO many thanks for this awesome offer!! Nice quality sound and the band is tight and quite mature in delivering their melodic style of metal!!
    Raw and pure 80's metal sounding here, they put a very good performance(like the bass work and the overall style that bear influences from VAN HALEN, TALAS, early DEF LEPPARD ... to name a few)!! A much appreciated gift!! CHEERS YOU LOT BRO!! porosimetal
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