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    Artist: Sacred Few (USA)
    Release: Sacred Few 7" (single)
    Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
    Country: USA (Cleveland, Ohio)
    Bitrate: 128kbps
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    Ray Garsteck - Vocals
    Wolfgang Kruger - Guitars
    Rick Louka - Bass
    Mike Louka - Drums

    American traditional Heavy Metal quartet SACRED FEW were initially formed in Cleveland, Ohio way back in 1977.
    After playing every Ohio bar and club that would have them, they finally made their vinyl debut in 1983 with this self-titled 7".
    Released on the band's own Skull Records in a picture sleeve, "Sacred Few" is a mid-tempo wannabe anthem which is let down a little by poor production.
    Far better, (to my ears at any rate), is flipside "Low Rider", a memorable catchy driving Heavy Rocker, which probably sounded a little out-dated even in 1983.
    I'm guessing this one had been in their repertoire for quite a while, but it deserved it's place on wax.
    Apparently there are two sleeve variations, one with the Skull Records logo and one without.
    Around the time of the 7"'s release, the band also had the track "Sacred Few" featured on the semi-legendary "Cleveland Metal" LP.
    This compilation released on Clubside Records saw Sacred Few sharing vinyl with fellow cult Metal acts like MISTREATER, BLACK DEATH & JAGGED EDGE.
    Despite the favouable press garnered by the 45 & LP, 1984 saw some major line-up changes in the Sacred Few ranks.
    Out went singer Ray Garstruck and drummer Mike Louka, to be replaced by female vocalist Sandy Rago and percussionist Gary Estock.
    With this line-up Sacred Few recorded their lone album, the well regarded "Beyond The Iron Walls", in 1985.
    Again released by the bands Skull Records label, the 10 song LP is now something of a favourite amongst mid-'80's Metal collectors.
    At the time sales weren't exactly interesting Billboard, and frustrated by their lack of progress the band gradually fell apart.
    Drummer Mike Louka was to reappear later on as a member of HATRIX.
    In 1993 "Beyond The Iron Walls", was included on a bootleg split CD entitled "Hard'n'Heavy Rarities Vol. 5", released by Racer Records.
    The CD also included rare releases by GILGAMESJ & MANIA.
    Subsequently, vocalist Sandy Rago married her Sacred Few bandmate, guitarist Wolfgang Kruger.
    Under her married name, Sandy Kruger, she has been fronting the current reactivated line up of Greg Hicks' Black Death since 2009.

    art & txt included
    SACRED FEW - Sacred Few 7" (1983) USA
    Skull Records

    01. Sacred Few
    02. Low Rider
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