Singles [Heavy / Power] » Voltz (US) - 357 Mistreater / Rock Stompin' Rock 'N' Rollers [Single] (1982)
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    Artist: Voltz
    Release: Rock Stomping Rock'n'Rollers 7"
    Year: 1982
    Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
    Country: USA (New Mexico)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    VOLTZ were an obscure American Heavy Metal quintet from the state of New Mexico.
    There's very little information to be found about them on the web, but here's what little i did discover about Voltz;
    They released just two records, both in 1982, both on the Golddust Records label.
    A full length album, "Shock Treatment", and a 7" single, "Rock Stomping Rock'n'Rollers", shared here courtesy of the very generous Nightsblood.
    Both discs are as hard to find as the gold dust that their label took it's name from, and as a consequence mucho expensive on the odd occassion when copies do surface for sale.
    The music sits somewhere between a couple of different styles; mixing brash US early '80's Hard Rock with a more European NWoBHM influence.
    The singer is something of an aquired taste, but i came to quite enjoy his slightly fey delivery after a few spins.
    Musically the players are very good with some particularly impressive guitarwork on both tracks, espescially the harmony guitar part leading into the solo on the A-Side.
    Because of the low-budget nature of the recordings and production there's a certain ramshackle charm & naievety present in the overall sound that's very evocative of the times.
    I've never seen a pic of the band, but i'm almost certain from hearing the 45 that they owned at least one pair of stripey skintight strides, and headbands may very well have been worn.
    So whilst not the most original band of their era, this is definitely worthy of a place on your I-Pod, and if you luck upon an original copy at a reasonable price, your record collection.
    From the contents of the single I'd most certainly like to hear their full length LP.
    Hint hint.
    Note : This band is not related to the UK band also called Voltz who released the opinion-splitting "Knight's Fall" LP in 1982.

    art & txt included
    01. Rock Stomping Rock'n'Rollers
    02. 357 Mistreater
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