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This was some internet tribute compilations, organised through the official Megadeth forums I think (Megadeth fans are nicknamed droogies by Dave). I tried posting about this on the Encyclopaedia Metallum forum but didn't get any replies yet. I have the mp3s of the one called Next Victim. Based on this YouTube upload, there was also an earlier one called From the Hangar which I don't have. stats show there was 'A Droogie Tribute to Metallica' as well.

Does anyone else out there know what years these were released, or have any of this stuff, particularly the cover art for Next Victim?

Next Victim (A Droogie Tribute to Megadeth) track listing:

1. MegaGoo - 99 Ways to Die
2. ArchangelX - Architecture of Aggression
3. Patallica - Back in the Day
4. Wezz the Warlock - Dawn Patrol
5. LinkTGF - Disconnect
6. Sykodx469 & Patallica - Dread and the Fugitive Mind
7. Atomikpunk & Nicholas Walsh - Go to Hell
8. Aimbaby - Insomnia
9. Absolution777 & LinkTGF - Mechanix
10. Scumgrief - Moto Psycho
11. Coco4life & Davizio''Polaris - Symphony of Destruction
12. Arutha, MegaDann, Megader & Aimbaby - The Conjuring
13. Atomikpunk & Nicholas Walsh - Tornado of Souls
14. Absolution777, Brett & LinkTGF - Youthanasia

Other tracks that existed based on a search, mostly from From the Hangar:
- Betoken - In My Darkest Hour
- Coco4Life - Kick the Chair
- DamoESP - Dread and the Fugitive Mind
- Darth James - Absolution
- Dethworld - Lucretia
- HighSpeedDirt & Im_Buying - Rattlehead
- LinkTGF - Ecstasy
- LinkTGF - Killing Road
- MegaGoo & Deth Patrol - A Tout Le Monde
- Rich2k4 - Symphony of Destruction
- Taint Lee - Kill the King
- Vic R - This Was My Life
- Vic R - Vortex
- Wezz the Warlock - Angry Diadems

A Droogie Tribute to Metallica tracks listed in
- Aimbaby - Fade to Black
- Demyze - Hero of the Day
- MagnaCentipede & Sylak - Blackened Blues

It'd be a shame if many of these are lost to time!
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I am not sure I ever heard of that tribute series, or any of the bands listed...
though your youtube link lead me to discover a nice Megadeth clone band - DeadXheaD
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Have you tried having a search for the old Megadeth forum on the Internet Achives 'wayback machine'?
Because of the nature of forums & internet-only compilations, once they're gone it's hard to find any trace of their contents on other sites, however, if you're lucky, the wayback machine may have archived the contents of the forum as it existed at the time when the comp was posted.
Best of luck:
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Thanks, yeah I have tried that but never hurts to try again.

Unfortunately I always see the message "There have been no posts in the last 30 days in this forum", for example: ... ay.php?f=4 ... ay.php?f=7

I think it's not because there are no threads, but rather because all the thread details are 'Private' as seen here, meaning only logged in users could see any topics: ...

I see there's a (crappy) Cyber Army forum on now so I'll try posting there.
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