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    Artist: Kratos
    Release: Kratos, EP 1997
    Genre: Power / Thrash Metal
    Country: USA (Cleveland, OH)
    Bitrate: 224kbps
    see following posts for a working link
    https://www.metal-archives.com/albums/K ... atos/55669

    Kratos formed in 1983 in Cleveland, Ohio by brothers Bernie (Guitar, Vocals) and Bob Hanzel (Drums), along with Mike Davila (Bass). Before the first release, bassist Mike Davila was replaced by Paul Gregory. In 1985 Kratos released “Iron Beast” 12" EP on Private Press Records. The sound was very ‘traditional’ metal with hints of NWOBHM. At this time, the band was playing local gigs, opening for such bands as Celtic Frost and Overkill. By 1986, the band had started playing the more popular ‘thrash’ metal, and released a 2-song untitled self financed demo tape, and then finally releasing a self-titled EP in 1997 before calling it quits.

    Bernie Hanzel - Vocals, Guitars
    Paul Gregory - Bass
    Bob Hanzel - Drums
    1. Hunter
    2. Fatal Blow/Open Fire
    3. Guillotine
    4. Born in Flames
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    Once I dig it out ill post scans of the KRATOS - IRON BEAST PRESS PACK. Its got a full bio and mailing info on 8.5/11" and then an 8.5/11" glossy band photo signed by the whole band. If I find some of the flyers for their gigs ill post em too.
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    RE-UP:   Kratos (US) - Kratos [EP] (1997)
    Bitrate:  cbr224
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    Requested by CanadaSpaceman.

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