EPs [Heavy / Power] » Life (Ger) - German Heavy Rock [EP] (1983)
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  • Artist: Life
    Release: German Heavy Rock Mini LP 1983
    Label: EMI Electrola Records
    Genre: Heavy Metal/Heavy Rock
    Country: West Germany
    Bitrate: 320kbps

    LIFE - German Heavy Rock Mini LP (1983) West Germany
    EMI Electrola Records



    01. Night Dreams
    02. Fightin'
    03. Who's Got The Time?
    04. No Heaven No Hell
    05. Things I Wonna Say To You

    Markus Gabriel - ?
    Axel Ulferts - ?
    Detlef Müller - Drums (AXE LA CHAPELLE)

    It's been really difficult to piece together any information about West German Heavy Rock trio LIFE.
    Drummer Detlef Müller later passed through the ranks of AXE LA CHAPELLE, a band based in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, so it seems fair to surmise that Life were from around the same locale.
    Their brand of Heavy Rock has a distinct '70's tang, so it's possible they were around for a while before their only release.
    That record, the five song 1983 "German Heavy Rock" Mini LP was released by EMI Electrola Records.
    Strangely, the first four songs are all on side 1, with a single track, "Things I Wonna Say To You", making up side 2.
    Musically, the Mini LP contains excellent '70's influenced Hard Rock/early Metal played by a very talented power trio.
    The record's A side features midtempo or fast Hard Rock/Metal songs, with the epic sounding "Night Dreams", a highlight.
    Good singing & good playing are present throughout, with the progressive spaced out ballad "Things I Wonna Say To You", bringing the record to a close.
    Strangely, for a record released by major label EMI Electrola, this one doesn't turn up for sale very often, and as such, seems to have had a very small pressing.
    One for open minded fans of early Metal sounds with a 70's character then.

    art & txt included


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    LIFE was a regionally quite successful band from Solingen, North Rhine Westphalia, playing only their own material. Axel Ulferts (guitar) and Marcus Gabriel (drums) where the leaders and composers; bass player Müller was the reason for the band splitting up in the end, because he wanted to make money with more commercially orientated music (finally joining a dance music formation). LIFE was quite original and very powerful on stage and had their largest audience, some 3000 people, as the opener for Hawkwind, who did a gig in Cologne around the time of the recording of the mini album.
    Rumors said that when approached if he wanted to join Solingen's only internationally successful Heavy Rock group ACCESS, very talented drummer (and multi instrumentalist) Marcus Gabriel preferred to go on doing his own music.
    The 1983 EMI Mini LP was not promoted by EMI who just did the technical production. It was only sold regionally, with some local success, and is a precious testimony of how much talent existed during that time in places very little known, and a hint of what could have become of those idealistic young musicians, had the circumstances just been a little different.
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