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    Artist: Black Ice
    Release: Hot 'n' Heavy [EP] (1986)
    Genre:Heavy Metal
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: 128
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    Thanks to the original uploader

    http://www.spirit-of-metal.com/groupe-g ... -l-en.html
    1. Hot 'n' Heavy (3:23)
    2. U.S.Metal (3:22)
    3. Animal Rock (3:04)
    4. Heavy Metal Warriors (2:39)
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    Info from Tom Ferry (bass), thanks! (cheers1)

    Hello from the founder of Black Ice Tom Ferry. Thank you so much for putting my band on your site! I want to update you on some band info if you feel like adding it to your info . Steve Quartorola our drummer at the time also sang backup for TESTAMENT, you can google that he,s friends with Chuck Billy. He also played in THE NOYZE BOYZ with guitar virtuoso Mark Chapman . They were a Van Halen tribute band out of Pleasanton CA.

    Greg Hughson our sonic vocalist was former frontman for cult L.A. band DAY ONE. Who put out album ONE LOOK. I JOINED DAY ONE IN 1986 after their keyboardist CRAIG OTTE OF FUSICIAN FAME left . You will find old videos of original DAY ONE ON YOUTUBE. Greg is still playing with DIRECT DRIVE and other bands. Guitarist Peder Rudling from Sweden friends with Ingvai Malsteem. Was with L.a. band STALLION before joining Black Ice. Myself was former member of alternative wave metal band THE PLADS ALBUM DOMINE DEUS and 45 record CALLING GIRLS 1982. Voted best Alaska has to offer by William Weld.

    After Black Ice I went to Seattle and Joined CRYSTAL RAIN as the lead singer. We were in the scene there in 1990 and played all the major venues with all major bands of that era . like Coven- Sanctuary etc.

    We recorded Black Ice at Sound city which was just made famous by NIRVANA DRUMMERS DOCUMENTARY about sound city. In fact Nirvana recorded NEVERMIND at sound CITY /Dave Grohl now owns that $750k Neve console and is in his new studio 606 on Chatsworth ca. Even stranger NIRVANA opened for DAY ONE when I was in DAY ONE it at the country club in reseda.

    FINALLY GOOGLE (BLACK ICE SUPERBIRD) a wealth of information on our band car, a 1970 Plymouth Superbird with 440 motor and 4 speed transmission . only 1920 were ever made. I have more pics of Black ice from a photo shoot I can dig up in the attic if your interested. Thanks Tom Ferry.

    Greg Hughson - Vocals (Day One, Direct Drive)
    Dusty McDaniels - Guitar
    Peder Rudling - Guitar, Vocals (Stallion, M-Pire)
    Tom Ferry - Bass, Vocals (The Plads, Crystal Rain, Day One)
    Steve Quartarola - Drums (Testament, The Noyze Boyz, Altar of the King, D'Angelo)

    Promo photos for Hot'N'Heavy

    Heres an old promo pic I found recently. Please feel free to add to our page.
    This photo has never been seen or released by anyone.


    Heres another promo pic never seen by anyone.
    You will be the first to have it on your site I will not send it to anyone else.


    This is the best photo ever sent out to anyone of the back of EP.
    It was a black and white pic that I hand colored.


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