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    Artist: Accident On The East Lancs
    Release: Shotguns And Hotshots (1981) [2004 Reissue]
    Genre: NWOBHM/Hard Rock/Punk/New Wave
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 192kbps
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    ACCIDENT ON THE EAST LANCS - Shotguns And Hotshots (1981) [2004 Reissue]
    Last Year's Youth Records LAST BIG 7
    2004 Re-issue with 2 bonus tracks

    Vocals & Guitar – Andy Sharrocks (ANDY SHARROCKS & THE SMOKING JACKETS)
    Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals – Nor Pilling
    Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals – Andy Schemmet (WILFUL DAMAGE, THE MARAUDERS, DIRTY WORK, BLUES BLASTERS)
    Drums – Phil O'Dell (THE MARAUDERS)

    ACCIDENT ON THE EAST LANCS formed in Rochdale in 1976, with an initial line up of Andy Sharrocks (vocals), Dave Addison (bass), Kieran Miskella (guitar) and Pete Kenyon (drums).
    The band's name came from a newspaper headline, with the "East Lancs" being a large road between Liverpool and Manchester.
    From the start they proved to be a powerful stage act, although they only played cover versions in the beginning, mainly drawing on the catalogues of THE ROLLING STONES, THE DOORS, and NEW YORK DOLLS.
    However, Sharrocks began writing original material for the band, and in 1979 A.O.T.E.L.'s first single, "We Want It Legalised/Why Don't You Leave Us Alone?' was released through Roach Records, an imprint of the Cargo label.
    Having been recorded and mixed in just one day, it was issued as a double A-side.
    Sharrocks recalls; "It did not get much airplay. Only John Peel and Dave Fanning of RTE Radio in Dublin played it as far as I am aware.
    John Peel however did say it was the most exciting record he had heard since the SEX PISTOLS, which was pretty groovy at the time."
    Sharrocks’ songwriting was not appreciated by the rest of the band, and they all quit to be replaced by Andy Schemmet (bass), Nor Pilling (guitars) and Phil O’Dell (drums).
    Of that original line-up, only bassist Dave Addison seems to have carried on making music after leaving A.O.T.E.L. , going on to join the long-running Mancunian Heavy Rock band TRACTOR, and appearing on 5 of their albums to date.
    This new Accident On The East Lancs line-up introduced themselves by recording a new single in 1980, another double A-side, pairing "Back End Of Nowhere" with "Rat Race".
    Late in 1980 A.O.T.E.L. spent four days in the studio recording a full length album containing 12 songs.
    Entitled, "Shotguns And Hotshots", the album was released in early 1981 by the Cargo Records label, on cassette only.
    Due to a very limited budget for distribution and promotion, the album didn't sell many copies outside of the Manchester area.
    The band split in 1982, but over the years their musical reputation has grown and all the band's releases have become sought after items for NWoBHM and Punk collectors alike.
    Catering to those collectors, "Shotguns And Hotshots" was re-released in 2004 on the Last Year's Youth Records label, with "Back End Of Nowhere" and "Rat Race" added as bonus tracks.
    The same label had already reissued the first Accident On The East Lancs single on 7" vinyl in 2001.
    After Accident On The East Lancs, Andy Sharrocks formed a band called ANDY SHARROCKS & THE SMOKING JACKETS, whilst Schemmet & O'Dell reunited in Blues-Rock band THE MARAUDERS.

    art & txt included
    01. Let's Take It To Extremes
    02. Tired, Broke And Lonely
    03. Wasted
    04. What's New?
    05. The 1980's
    06. We Want It Legalized
    07. Back End Of Nowhere
    08. Teenage Runaway
    09. 20th Century
    10. Police
    11. Back End Of Nowhere
    12. Bad Lads
    13. Why Don't You Leave Us Alone?
    14. Rat Race

    Tracks 7 & 14 : Bonus Tracks
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    Metalhuhn wrote:Almost no difference between tracks 7 and 11 ???????? Am i too deaf from many Motorhead live shows ??????? (roll)

    I thought the same thing myself.
    Don't know if they re-recorded it almost identically to the single or if it is actually the same version.
    Perhaps a different mix?
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