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    Artist: Sam Thunder (UK)
    Release: Manoeuvres (1984)
    Genre: NWOBHM/Hard Rock
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 256kbps
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    SAM THUNDER - Manoeuvres (1984) UK
    Bullet Records BULP 5
    Picture Disc Only


    01. Who's Talkin' To Judy?
    02. Slippin' Away
    03. Always Waiting (For The Nightime)
    04. L.M. Minuet
    05. Mind Games
    06. Manoeuvres
    07. My Turn Tomorrow
    08. Get The Chemistry Right
    09. Time After Time
    10. Running Out Of Love

    Wilson Glover - Vocals
    Steve Ferguson - Guitars
    Nick Bennett - Guitars
    Rob Naylor - Bass
    Mike Hepplestone - Keyboards
    Andy Chemney - Drums

    Formed in Manchester in 1981, Hard Rock/NWOBHM band SAM THUNDER were a five piece band formed by Guitarists Steve Ferguson and Nick Bennett and Bass player Rob Naylor.
    After numerous personnel changes the band stabilised their line up in early 1982 with the arrival of ex-ARAGORN drummer Chris Dadson and recorded a 3 song demo tape.
    The tape brought them positive reviews in the music press and helped create a strong buzz about the band.
    Kerrang! magazine were enthusiastic, describing Sam Thunder in their "Armed & Ready" section as purveyors of "Hard-edged class Rock’n'Roll."
    After time spent gigging, more personnel changes saw Will Glover arrive on Vocals and Andy Chemney on Drums.
    Chemney replaced Chris Dadson, who left to join CHATEAUX, appearing on their "Fire Power" and "Highly Strung" albums.
    The French based Bullet Records (home of GEDDES AXE, LE GRIFFE & TRAITOR'S GATE), approached the band in 1983 to record an EP for the label.
    The three song EP, "Don't Take Forever", was released in early 1984, and sold well enough for Bullet to opt to fund a full album.
    Before recording on the LP began Mike Hepplestone was added to the band as Keyboard player.
    The resulting album, the ten song "Manoeuvres", was released later that same year, in the picture disc format only.
    The addition of prominent keyboards give many of the songs a Pomp/Prog/AOR flavour, but the underlying Hard Rock feel remains the same under all the window dressing.
    Unfortunately, Bullet Records went belly up soon after, and unable to secure a new deal, Sam Thunder followed suit in 1985.

    art & txt included

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    The addition of prominent keyboards gives the songs an unbearable sweetness that makes not only your tooth ache. Nevertheless the EP and demo should be interesting, as the songwriting, apart from the sugaricing, is good. This LP is not my cup of tea!

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    cruedevil71 wrote:
    riptorn wrote:
    joske wrote:big surprise!! a dead link (=P)

    The original post is over 3 years old.
    What did you expect?

    But......this does look interesting now that its been dug from the depths of HMR's lost sleeper gems.

    In reality the keyboards kinda overwhelm eveything and make it much less interesting than it might have been otherwise.
    Also, because it was issued only as a picture disc, the audio quality is somewhat lacking.
    If i rediscover it amongst my chaotic collection i'll repost it, but don't expect too much.
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    Re-uploaded to HMR folder! porosimetal
    Hidden Link

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