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    Rankelson - The Bastards Of Rock'n'Roll + Hungry For Blood (1986-1987) (Remastered 2007)
    Year : 1986-1987 (Remastered 2007)
    Style : Glam Metal , Hair Metal , Sleaze Metal
    Country : United Kingdom
    Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
    Size : 179 mb

    1. The Chain and the Chalice /Break the Chains
    2. Sex Slave
    3. Hungry for Blood
    4. Can't Stop Rockin'
    5. Bronx Warrior
    6. Hot Tonite
    7. Abuser
    8. New York City
    9. Make It Love
    10. The Bastards of Rock 'n' Roll
    11. Be Good for Me
    12. White Fire
    13. We Are Crazy
    14. Rock the World
    15. Love Maker
    16. The Happenin'
    Glam band hailing from the Cardiff district of Ely. Excellent vocals and a set of strong songs were marred by onstage antics such as throwing severed pig's heads into the audience.. RANKELSON debuted live at the Ely Festival in July 1984, the first unit formed up by keyboard player Tim 'Rotter' Ranson ('Ric Ferrari.. guitarist Eddie Kelly, guitarist Steve 'Fox' Wilson, all erstwhile POLARIS personnel, singer Colin Sergeant and bassist 'Kim Hooker' (a,k.a. Ponytpridd native Andrew Jones), a former member of NEON SPIRIT. Subsequently Wayne 'Kronus' Cronin was enrolled on drums. After the first gig the then 17 year old Dave 'Scratch' Vincent took over drum duties. RANKELSON signed with Hull based Ebony Records for their 1986 Darryl Johnston produced debut album 'Hungry For Blood'. Drummer Dave Vincent left prior to the release of 1987's 'The Bastards Of Rock n' Roll' to join Thrash covers act PRATS ON THE PROWL and was replaced by ex-MAMMATH and ASHAMATA man Kerry Lovelock. Kim Hooker was later to emerge more successfully as lead vocalist with TIGERTAILZ, fronting their 1990 UK chart album terzerki. Hooker later moved on to STORMCROW and would rejoin a reformed TIGERTAILZ in 2004. Colin Sergeant died in August 2007.
    This release contains two studio albums released by Hair/Sleaze metal outfit "Rankelson"; "Hungry for blood" (1986) and "The bastards of rock'n roll" (1987). Historically, "Rankelson" was probably one of the very first Hair metal bands (referring to full makeup/big hair image) to come out of Wales UK.Their two albums together make for a 16-track CD and it is a solid dose of hard rock. And it has to be mentioned that despite the full hair metal look, the overall sound of the band leans more towards early 80s hard rock; For instance the vocals are not really poser like, instead they are rather dramatic standing somewhere between NWOBHM and American AOR. In addition the band makes fairly extensive use of AORish keyboards which is rather unusual for sleaze acts while the guitars are really melodic and their solos pretty extensive.The line up of "Rankelson" featured bass player Kim Hooker (who would go on to front one of the leading hair metal acts of the UK, "Tigertailz"), lead singer Col Sargent, guitarist Fox Abuser, key player Ric Ferrar and drummer Dave Vincent.The material on these two albums is fairly solid. In practical terms you will not have any problem to enjoy this release, simply the stereo sound configuration should have been better. Favourite tracks include "Abuser", "Bronx Warrior", "Sex Slave" and "Make it love".Overall "Rankelson" is a part of Hair metal history, the band being amongst the earliest adopters of the style and brought to front Kim Hooker a key figure of UK Hair metal.
    Line Up:
    Tim Ranson - Keyboard (Ex-RotterThe Ritz) - Polaris
    Colin Sergeant - Vocals (R.I.P.)
    Kerry Loveluck - Drums (Ex-Lovefux) - Mammath
    Andrew Jones (Kim Hooker) - Vocals, Bass (Ex-Tigertailz)
    Steve Wilson (Fox) - Guitar (Polaris)
    Past members
    Eddie Kelly : Guitar (Polaris)
    Wayne Cronin : Drums
    Dave Vincent : Drums
    Remember! if You like the release, buy the original CD. Support the artists!

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