Singles [NWOBHM] » Grace (UK) - Old Stories [Single] (1977) / Fire of London [Single] (1980) / Billy Boy [Single] (1981)
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  • Artist: Grace (UK)
    Release: Singles 1977 - 1981
    Genre: Prog Rock / NWOBHM
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 192
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    In the late 1970's, a group of fellow art students decided to form a rock band. Initially, their influences showed in their music - "Genesis", "Jethro Tull" and "The Who" were all major players in the shaping of the music played by Grace.

    However, even at this early stage, the band displayed several unique features as they played at the colleges and clubs of North Staffordshire. Firstly, the singer had a unique voice - powerful yet delicate, melodic yet aggressive. Secondly, the band featured TWO front men, both vying for centre stage. As well as the singer, a slightly manic flute and sax player shared honours for the lead position, resulting in a dramatic stage act. Thirdly, the songs played showed all the eclectic influences mentioned above, but they were also interwoven with the best elements of English folk rock. Grace rapidly developed a reputation for strong songs and a dynamic stage presence, and as a result the audience grew, and record companies became interested.

    The first single, "Old Stories" was released in 1977, coupled with "Rule Britannia", on an independent record label. It received very favourable reviews, and became the highlight of the set, which was played to an ever-growing audience. In 1979, the band was signed to MCA records, and a single was released in the same year called "The Fire of London". The B side was "Beatnik", reviews (and sales) went well. An album followed, simply called "Grace". Reputation of the band as major exponents of what was now dubbed Progressive rock' was growing rapidly, both as a recording band and as a superb live act. The live act used lights, projections, costumes, mime, and of course the two front men. A second single (released in 1980), followed by a second album, called "Grace Live". The live album featured what had become the anthem of the band - "Molly Leigh (The witch of Burslem town), which featured mass crowd participation and hysteria. All was set for the breakthrough into mass acceptance
    . . . .... And then - nothing ...
    Maybe it was the advent of punk maybe it was the bickering amongst the band members, maybe the band was frightened of success. Whatever the reasons, Grace split up in 1981, much to the shock of their hundreds of staunch followers. Individuals carried out a few splinter projects, but the only serious new contender was the formation of the synthesiser band White Door. The line up featured the vocalist (Mac) and Flautist (Harry) from the defunct Grace, together with brother John on keyboards. As White Door, they released an album (Windows) and several singles (including "Windows", "Jerusalem", and "Flame in my Heart"). Although the music represented an almost complete change of direction, the quality of song writing still showed through, and the established music press almost admitted to liking them. ... iscography ... race-1979/

    Grace (UK) - 1977 - Old Stories (Single)
    A Old Stories
    B Rule Brittania

    Grace (UK) - 1980 - Fire Of London (Single)
    A Fire Of London
    B Beatnik

    Grace (UK) - 1981 - Billy Boy (Single)
    A Billy Boy
    B Ad-Mad
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