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    Artist: Paradyne
    Release: Down To Amsterdam / Take Your Time, Single 1982
    Label: Airship #PE 134
    Genre: Hard Rock / NWOBHM
    Country: UK (Chichester)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Thanks to Luke Halls and robsonr for the help to track this down!

    Mark White - Guitar
    Paul White - Guitar
    John Biddiscombe - Bass
    Gary Halls - Drums

    Bio (from
    Paradyne were around from the late 1970's until sometime in 1983 when the need to earn some real money put pay to our musical efforts of the time.

    Paradyne played all over the South East in venues such as The Wooden Bridge in Guildford; the Chiddingfold Club and as far away as the Park Hotel in Southampton and enjoyed reasonable support for a local band. Chichester was certainly a focal point. I remember playing the Chichester Rock festival and on one occasion managing to grab the headline slot when Spider had to pull out. We thought this was a real opportunity as DJ Kid Jenson was attending and looking for an up and coming band for his then TV show. As with a lot possibilities it came to nothing but we nevertheless enjoyed some memorable gigs. People who attended our gigs may remember our impressive drum stage (made out of old iron bedsteads). It had an old vacuum cleaner strapped to it which had the motor reversed. One of the roadies would light a smoke pellet and at the appropriate moment, drop it into the cylinder and watch the smoke ooze out of the front of the drum stage between half a dozen front headlamps (nicked from various Triumph Heralds). This enabled us to both blind and gas the audience - what an atmosphere! Big and loud was always best.

    Our PA stack was only 500 Watts per channel but the speaker cases had been made for visual effect. It took at least two people to carry one bass bin!

    We pressed 500 singles but could only afford to have a professional label on one side. A 'Paradyne' sticker was adhered to the other. There were two colours: white and red. Only about twenty five copies had red stickers (see below) so these will be really rare.
    1. Down To Amsterdam
    2. Take Your Time
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