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    Artist: Buck
    Release: Just For You 7"
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK/USA
    Bitrate: 128 kbps
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    This is a tricky one.
    It's just a wee bit too early to be truly NWoBHM & the line up who recorded the 45 was made up of 2 Brits & a yank, but to my mind this still seemed like the best place to post it. It should be better known & i really rate the B-Side 'My Left Eye'.

    BUCK : Just For You 7" (1977) UK/USA
    Rat Records RR-5281

    128 kbps

    Jamie Pease : Vocals & Bass (THE JONESES, JOHANNA WILD, THE RAW)
    Steve Forest : Guitar (SILVERHEAD)
    Mick Hough : Drums (FLASH)

    1973 - 1974:
    BUCK were a Hard Rock band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1973 by drummer Derek Blevins, Walter Muni (vocals/bass) and Al Trover (guitar).
    Their power trio expanded to a quartet with the addition of Ken Stern (keyboards) and soon after, a quintet, when Jamie Pease (bass/vocals) joined them.
    Pease had previously been in THE JONESES from 1969 to 1971, and then JOHANNA WILD for a few years with a pre-JON BUTCHER AXIS Jon Butcher.
    The band played extensively in the Massachusetts and upstate New York clubs and toured in the Midwest where they opened for REO SPEEDWAGON.

    Derek Blevins left Buck to join Johanna Wild, at which point Walter and Al returned to New Jersey.
    Jamie Pease kept the name Buck and put together a new line-up with guitarists Lee Vachon and Kent Pearson & drummer Leo Black.
    The band continued to play throughout New England as well as at local clubs like TJ's (later The Rat), The Boston Club (now the Paradise) and Katy's.
    In the fall of 1975 Lee Vachon suffered a serious hand injury, and Leo Black left Buck, eventually becoming the drummer in THE FOOLS.
    Jamie and Kent decide to give it a go as a power trio and recruited Hirsh Gardner on drums.
    Hirsh had recently come to Boston from Canada and would eventually join the band NEW ENGLAND.

    Jamie Pease and manager John Curtis travelled to London, England on New Year's Eve to put together a British-American power trio.
    Guitarist Steve Forest and drummer Mick Hough became the other two members of this new look Buck.
    Steve had previously been in SILVERHEAD, a British glam-rock band on DEEP PURPLE's record label, (Purple Records), with future DETECTIVE/CHEQUERED PAST/THE POWER STATION vocalist Michael Des Barres.
    Mick had been in FLASH with two former members of YES, guitarist Peter Banks and keyboard player Tony Kaye, and a short-lived band called STORM in New York after Flash split.
    As it was the U.S. Bicentennial the 'Spirit Of '76' was the theme, two Union Jacks behind Steve and Mick, & an American (13 star) Colonial flag behind Jamie became the backdrop for the stage.
    Buck played extensively throughout England, including a memorable appearance at London's world famous Marquee Club in March, before heading back to the States.

    1977 - 1978:
    Buck hit the studio & recorded two songs 'Just For You' & 'Your Left Eye', which were released as a 45 on Rat Records.
    The Rat label was an offshoot of The Rat(hskeller) Club in Boston which had previously released a double compilation album of local acts entitled "Live At The Rat."
    Artie Plummer then replaced Mick Hough on drums and Kent Pearson rejoined the band to form a new four piece line-up.
    Several combinations of musicians followed until Jamie Pease finally left in 1978 to join his former Joneses bandmate Jimmy D'Angelo in the band AUGUST, bringing Buck to an end.

    AUGUST released a six song Mini LP on the Sardonyx Music label in 1981 entitled 'Sunny Days/Hot Nights', and would stay together through various line up changes until 1985.
    They supported national & international acts such as JOE PERRY PROJECT, KROKUS, RAINBOW, CHEAP TRICK, ORION THE HUNTER, QUIET RIOT & SPINAL TAP, as well as being a huge draw in the clubs in their own right.
    After August called it a day, D'Angelo formed CODE BLUE whilst Pease founded a new act called THE RAW.

    Sadly, Jamie Pease died in 2006 after an eleven year battle with cancer.

    A more detailed overview of Jamie's musical career can be found here:

    art & txt included
    01. Just For You
    02. Your Left Eye
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    WHAT A SCORCHER!! The opener in a SAMMY HAGAR, early MONTROSE meets BLACKFOOT style and the flipside in a LED ZEPPELIN meets SABBATH manner make a killer single, a helluva gem!! Many thanx for this awesome offer RIPTORN and for the scans and very detailed infos too!! YOU RULE BRO!! porosimetal

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    Great stuff. When I read claims of a band being "proto-metal", I usually become very skeptical. But these guys were the real deal! The info and scans are much appreciated, too.
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    new link added after request
    Hidden Link

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    This is fantastic, so glad I downloaded it. I went to the remembrance page and read all about Jamie.
    What a great story of the career of an unknown rocker.

    thanks for posting the music AND the info and link.
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