Singles [NWOBHM] » The Steve Crowther Band (UK) - Red Herring / My Machine [Single] (1982)
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    Artist: The Steve Crowther Band
    Release: Red Herring/My Machine 7" single - 1982
    Label: SMK Records SRTS 82 CUS 1584
    Genre: NWoBHM
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 192 kbps
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    THE STEVE CROWTHER BAND - Red Herring/My Machine 7" (1982) UK
    SMK Records SRTS 82 CUS 1584

    Steve Crowther - Vocals, Bass & Keyboards
    Kev Prockter (aka "Kevin Gibb") - Guitar & Keyboards (THE RAVE, RITUAL, NO SWEAT, MAYHEM DERANGED, FIXATER)
    M. Saggers - Drums

    To be honest, i have been able to find out almost nothing about the obscure NWOBHM act, THE STEVE CROWTHER BAND. The internet has very little available information, so just about everything i have discovered about them has come from the record's label itself. For starters, they were a trio made up of (surprise, surprise), Steve Crowther (Vocals, Bass & Keyboards), Kev Prockter (aka "Kevin Gibb"), on Guitar & Keyboards and Drummer M. Saggers.
    They appear to have hailed from either London, or from nearby Essex.

    They released just this one uber-scarce 7" single, a 1982 release featuring two songs, "Red Herring" and "My Machine", on SMK Records. It's one of those odd releases which sounds quite unlike any other band under the NWOBHM umbrella, but is definitely heavy enough to warrant the tag. "Samantha's picking flowers in the minefields again", they sing, and it's not too long before you find yourself singing along. Trust me, this isn't a Powerpop or Prog release tagged as "NWOBHM" by unscrupulous record dealers, it's the real, but very odd, deal. However, i can't think of any other band with a sound quite like the refined and unique audio-thuggery peddled by The Steve Crowther Band.

    After the demise of the band, guitarist Kev Prockter changed his surname to "Gibb", and passed through the ranks of THE RAVE, RITUAL, NO SWEAT, MAYHEM DERANGED and FIXATER over the years. He appears to be the only member of the band who carried on making music, and is still playing to this day.

    art & txt included, no pw, ctme
    01. Red Herring
    02. My Machine
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    Hi All

    Steve Crowther Band is out of retirement!

    Hard copy of new singles Chaos In The Shoe Department and Ich Liebe Dich are now available launched 1.2.15.

    Also downloads on: ITunes, Amazon MP3, 7Digital, Spotify, Deezer, Xbox Music, Google Play, Blinkbox Music, 24-7, eMusic, JB Hi-Fi NOW, Medianet, Nokia Music Omnifone, Rdio, VerveLife and WiMP

    Enjoy and thanks for all your support!

    ps You Tube video out soon
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    I can get you more info if you need it.
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    Re-upped to HMR Folder \m/ >.<
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    Play it with passion and you can't go wrong

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