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    BUFFALO - Battle Torn Heroes 7" (1980) UK
    Heavy Metal Records HEAVY 3

    01. Battle Torn Heroes
    02. Women Of The Night

    John Ralphs - Vocals
    Mick Priestley - Guitar
    Mick Bailey - Guitar
    Tom Reid - Bass
    Pete West - Drums

    BUFFALO were a NWOBHM quintet formed in Accrington back in 1978.
    Their debut release was the highly regarded 1982 "Battle Torn Heroes" 7" on Wolverhampton's Heavy Metal Records.
    DeathRiderDoom from Metal Archives describes the 7" like this:
    "NWOBHMsters Buffalo aren’t exactly as well known as bands like SATAN and SAVAGE, but they play the same badass, tough-riffed, no bullshit style.
    What sets these guys apart from the myriad of other no-name NWOBHM bands is that they had a substantial catalogue, and played music with balls.
    While most bands were pussyfooting around with 70’s soft rock/pop rock inspired, DEEP PURPLE worship in 1980 Britain, this Accrington outfit hit the studio to record two tracks of solid, dirty NWOBHM that would kick the ass of half of the stuff that came out this year.
    This stuff reminds me of Savage, ‘Shock Tactics’ era SAMSON, and Satan.
    If you’re looking for ballsy NWOBHM, look no further than Buffalo.
    I’m not familiar with their entire catalogue, but this here little single is deserving of a spot on any shelf of top-tier NWOBHM singles."
    Fair comment i think you'll find.
    The 7" was followed in 1982 by a four song demo called "In The Flesh".
    Later that year, a second single surfaced, also on Heavy Metal Records, entitled "Mean Machine".
    Then it all went quiet for the next 17 years, a silence broken by the 1999 release of a sixteen song compilation album on the band's on Buffalo label, the imaginatively titled "The Best Of Buffalo".
    Later that same year a brand new 11 song demo was issued by the reanimated band.
    This eventually led to Bufallo signing a deal with the German Karthago label and recording a brand new album called "Ride The Beast", which was issued in 2006.
    Later in 2006 a limited vinyl LP called "Bones Of The Beast", was released on the Hells Headbangers label, which featured both archive and new recordings.
    Only 500 copies of the LP were pressed.
    Then, sadly, Buffalo went their separate ways once again.
    Give "Battle Torn Heroes" a listen and then berate the universe for it's cruelty, for there surely is no justice.

    art & txt included

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