Singles [NWOBHM] » Juno's Claw (UK) - Barbara [Single] (1979)
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    Artist: Juno's Claw
    Release: Barbara (Single 1979)
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
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    1. Barbara
    2. The Master
    3. Big City
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    After getting in touch with someone who actually knew the guys from Juno's Claw (he wants to stay in the shadows for a while, but I'm positive he is a reliable source), I managed to gather some new info on the band.

    Line-up for the single:
    John Garner (V/G), Ian Beck (G), Martin Nelson (B), John Bibby (RIP) (D).

    They were from Lancaster (UK) and most (if not all) of their shows happened in this geographical area. The band had quite a strong local following (and a rivalry with Anniversary, the band of the Pawlowski brothers before Frenzy), but they folded in 1980 or 1981 when Ian Beck left due to family and work commitments. After the end of Juno's Claw, John Garner and Martin Nelson joined Stigma, a popular local group that never released any vinyl of their own, but that had a major role in the development of Frenzy (I hope to clear this all up in the not-too-distant future). Still trying to locate some of the actual musicians and I'll bring some info as soon as I gather it.

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    RE-UP:   Juno´s Claw (UK) - Barbara [Single] (1979)
    Bitrate:  cbr320
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    Requested by alexontravel.

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    Andy Kenyon: The full line up of Juno's Claw was John Garner (singer/rhythm guitar), Ian Beck (lead guitar), Martin Nelson (bass guitar), John Bibby (drums). John o'Connor NEVER played with Juno's Claw, but did play in a band called Stigma along with Martin Nelson, the bass player from Juno's Claw and, I think also Ian Beck. Martin Nelson is my brother and he sadly passed away on 5 September 2015.
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    IAN BECK: At some point in the three year life of the band, the line-up was augmented with the addition of another guitarist, JOHN O’CONNOR, otherwise known as “Evil John” and I think he stayed with us until we disbanded.
    During the last year of the band John Bibby had started drumming with a progressive jazz rock band called “Blackmail” who were based at Lancaster University and lead by Dave Harry, an excellent guitarist who stayed in Lancaster as a musician after he finished his studies, sadly, he died young of cancer. With John Bibby drumming for two bands tensions started to build and eventually he was asked to make a choice between Blackmail and Juno’s Claw and decided to join Blackmail on a full time basis. He was a very hard act to follow but we soon recruited another drummer. I think we only did a few more gigs before the band drifted apart.

    BTW. Ian Beck didn't play with Stigma
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