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    Artist: Dagaband
    Release: Test Flight (7" Single) [1980]
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 320
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    01 - Test Flight
    02 - Images
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    Artist: Dagaband
    Release: Test Flight 7"
    Genre: NWOBHM/Progressive Rock
    Country: UK (Chesterfield)
    Bitrate: 192 kbps

    DAGABAND - Test Flight 7" (1980) UK
    Rutland Records RX 100

    192 kbps

    01. Test Flight
    02. Images

    John Youdale - Vocals, Bass & Guitar (GLACIER)
    Greg Boynton - Keyboards
    Phil Boynton - Drums

    DAGABAND were a Chesterfield based NWoBHM/Progressive Rock trio originally formed way back in 1976 by keyboard player Greg Boynton and his drummer brother Phil.
    Adding John Youdale, Dagaband began touring up and down the country on the pub and club circuit, gradually building up a reputation as a great live band.
    However, a serious car crash involving all three members of the band at the time, halted the group's progress, leaving the band members badly injured and without any instruments or equipment.
    Little was heard from Dagaband again until 1980, when they released their first record, the "Test Flight" 7", on Rutland Records.
    The record received very favourable reviews in the UK rock press, and the band found themselves adopted by the then-flourishing NWoBHM movement and Prog Rockers alike.
    A return to the live circuit, with guitarist Steve Fidler added to the band, supporting BUDGIE on their 1982 British tour, co-incided with the release of their next record, the 3 song "Second Time Around" EP.
    Again, the record was very well reviewed, and the band also went down very well with Budgie's audiences on the tour, leading to further touring with the likes of DEMON, MARILLION & MENDES PREY.
    In the summer of 1983 guitarist Steve Fidler quit Dagaband to form LAST CHAPTER.
    He was replaced by Sean Piggott, who had briefly been a member of the band in their early days.
    By mid 1984 Piggott had bailed out again, resulting in the recruitment of ex-TAMARISK guitarist Nick May who joined in early 1985.
    Dagaband split up in 1986 whilst in the process of recording their debut album, frustrated by their slow progress and beset by financial problems.
    May went on to play with QUASAR, JADIS and THE ENID joining KARNATAKA in mid 2005.
    In 2009 the Boynton brothers and Nick May decided to get back together to complete the album they'd begun nearly 25 years earlier.
    Tragically it was not to be, as the band's driving force Greg Boynton died suddenly in early 2010, just before work was due to resume on the unfinished album.

    art & txt included
    01. Test Flight
    02. Images

    As requested by Nenê

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