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    Artist: Mendes Prey
    Release: Wonderland / Can You Believe It?, Single 1986
    Genre: Melodic / NWOBHM
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 320
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    MENDES PREY were a five piece NWOBHM era Hard Rock band formed in Castleford, Yorkshire in 1981 by ex-VARDIS bassist Tony Boulton. Having demoed that same year, the tapes caught the attention of Heavy Metal DJ's The Bailey Brothers, who began airing tracks. Ilkley native Mark Sutcliffe would replace Richard Elmslie on guitar during 1982.

    In this formation the band contributed the track "What The Hell's Going On?" to the "Heavy Metal Heroes Volume II" compilation album released by Heavy Metal Records that same year. This song pulled in a sponsorship deal with Levi Jeans, after "What The Hell's Going On?", was used as backing music for a Levis TV ad. As a result the band were clad in denim for their Levis sponsored tour work.
    Also recorded was the single, "On To The Borderline", (released on the bands own MP label in 1982 and backed with "Running For You") and two more tracks, "Cry For The World" and "Red Alert", which were later featured on the rare compilation album "Parkside Steelworks", issued in 1985.
    The single garnered the band a lot of exposure and a result Mendes Prey were kept very busy touring, headlining two London Marquee shows, supporting DIAMOND HEAD and also appearing on a regional BBC television show.

    Despite their high profile, the band was reduced to a quartet with the departure of guitarist Steve Holt following differences of opinion over musical direction in late 1983, and they continued as a four piece for the rest of their career.

    In early 1986 Mendes Prey released their second and final single "Wonderland", a cover version of the DEMON song. Issued in 7" and 12" versions on Wag Records, the latter format comprised extended versions of "Wonderland" and the self-penned B Side "Can You Believe It?".
    Sadly, the record was viewed as a disappointment by long standing fans seeing the band pursue a slicker, more radio friendly approach than previously. The band folded soon after the record's release, with vocalist John "Jih" Seymour going on to assist agit/anarcho punk band CHUMBAWAMBA in the recording of their debut album, "Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records".
    Following this John emigrated to Darwin, Australia where he now works in radio.
    Guitarist Mark Sutcliffe reappeared the following year in Soul/Funk band SERLE, led by singer Serle Chapman. Chapman is now better known as an author, photographer and campaigner for Native Americans. This band recorded demos under the guidance of Phil Oakey of THE HUMAN LEAGUE, but never released any commercial product.
    1. Wonderland
    2. Can You Believe It
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