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    Artist: Without Warning (US-NJ)
    Release: The Dawn of a New Day (EP)
    Genre: Thrash Metal
    Country: USA (New Jersey)
    Bitrate: 224kbps
    Hidden Link
    Requested by Sixkiller.

    Ripped and shared by Dave Cherby (ex-Bass).

    According to Dave Cherby this is an EP (apparently just released on cassette format) and not a demo.

    https://www.metal-archives.com/albums/W ... Day/542624
    https://www.discogs.com/Without-Warning ... se/6737403

    Gary Capriotti - Vocals
    Steve Savage - Guitar
    Glenn Lowery - Guitars
    Dave Cherby - Bass
    David Reeve - Drums
    1. Test of Time
    2. Beyond the Door
    3. The Dawn of a New Day
    4. Twisted Metal Coffin

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    That was amazing. I didn't think this would ever be filled. Thanks to Witchking for helping me out. I saw an auction on ebay for this, but it went for $75. And with medical bills and kids, I don't have that extra cash. Thanks again. (bow)
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    I have it, so i'm not downloading it.

    Just saying what i think :
    EP means "Extended Play" - so, it has nothing to do to be just released on tape form.

    Normally demos (before the arriving of digital recording and replicating) were also almost all released only on tape form (with a few exceptions of vinyl releases). As a matter of fact, there were lots of 7''s/EPs private releasing by studios without the bands seeing the colour of 1 dollar bill. Mostly because the studios costs in the end were too much for the band or because the band itself was only formed to specifically record the 7''/EP before they split up. This way the studios could have some money return.

    Obviously there were albuns released only on tape form because it was cheaper than to release on vinyl. But that were albuns. Normally the band has the copyrights or they create a record label on their behalf.

    There is a good explanation why so many bands recorded demo-tapes (to send as promotion to zines or radios or gig organizers and obviously to sell on gigs to fans who want it) and call it instead "EPs". Because a demo band was (and still is) something "inferior" to a band releasing "EPs" (Extended Plays)... That's why some bands avoided to call their releases as demos. This way they could say they were on a "advanced stage" comparing to a demo-band.

    I have this for several years as a demo.
    I also have a live recording somewhere.
    Just wished to say it.
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    I'd like to add that when an artist uses the word "demo" all that means is it hasn't been mastered yet.
    Rhett Forrester - WANT LIST
    BLACK SYMPHONY - 3 song demo 1992
    ROCKEIT PLANT SESSIONS - 4 song demo Jan. 1993
    CLEAR LAKE SESSIONS - 4 song demo April 1993
    DIRTY WATER SESSIONS - 5 song demo 1993
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    Nah - of course the biggest part of 80's metal was mastered.
    NWOBHM, Swedish Metal US Metal, you name it...

    Master means the "original tape concluded" on a bobine https://www.google.pt/search?q=bobine&c ... 8XbngGM%3A or on a "number 1 tape" ... from where the band replicated the copys 1 by 1. You could also pay to a studio ordering 500 copys for example (and then you also have the cover which is a work appart)...

    "Re-master" means (hopefully to better - and in these new days using several softwares you can improve register by register of the original recording) to alter what was done on the Master.

    Of couse there are many many demos never mastered.
    I'm just thinking on several examples - imagine mid-80's brasilian rehearsal speed/thrash/black/death demos.
    Never mastered. There is a original tape of couse from where the copys were replicated but one can't say that exists a master.
    Or that there was a sound engineer behing the recordings and responsable to mix all tracks into 1.
    It was from the rehearsal session directly to the tape recorder and that it was done.
    imagine a demo recording was done on a studio with a board with 8 tracks. The 2 guitars get 2 tracks, the bass 1, the vocals 1, the drums 3 and you keep 1 track to special effects like choirs or parts with 3 guitars for example. When the takes are finished and without mistakes, then the sound engineer mixes it all. That's how a engineer worked those days. Now any guy expert in audio softwares can do it. Even a band member can record what all the others do.

    In my eyes today it's pointless to release a demo tape on cassette form when the recording was digital (I'm aware people are collectors and are into tapes and into this fashion of tape return....still...)..
    Hopefully several new bands are again using analog and releasing it on the proper manner.

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    WITCHKING, mega thanx for this very rare, yet great tape!! Superb, technical USA power metal, like a mix of CONFESSOR, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, HADES, ARCANE styles! Killer high vocals, who can also be rawer-thrashy edged accompany the great riifing, the tempo shifts, the odd rythms and lead work here, making the songs very enjoyable !! BLISS!! CHEERS you lot for the share bro!! porosimetal
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    cruedevil71 wrote:I'd like to add that when an artist uses the word "demo" all that means is it hasn't been mastered yet.

    Demo means demonstration, correct? as in demonstration tape ( audio / video) cassettes for record companies, or TV / film studios ?
    That recording was never meant to be commercially released?
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    Wantlist: Physical / Digital
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