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    Artist: Tirant Sin
    Release: Demos, 1987 - 1989
    Genre: Thrash / Death Metal
    Country: United States ( Buffalo, New York)
    Bitrate: 192 / 320 kbps
    See following posts for a working link!

    (From Metal Archives) The band was originally called Satan's Angel. It consisted of Chris Barnes (vocals), Paul Mazurkiewicz (drums), Rich Ziegler (bass) and Bob Rusay (guitar). They were a high school band and played one show in December 1985, in which they did two cover songs, "Balls to the Wall" and "Dethroned Emperor". At this point, they were Tirant Sin. In 1986, Chris left to join Leviathan. Paul, Rich and Bob moved up to Absolute Storage. They practiced with a couple singers, nothing worked out. Cam V. joined as the second guitarist. In February 1987, Dennis John joined Tirant Sin as vocalist. Cam left in the Summer of 1987 and was replaced by Joe Morelli on guitar.

    In late 1988, Paul, Chris and Bob (ex-Tirant Sin) got together with Alex Webster and Jack Owen (ex-Beyond Death) and formed the now famous Death Metal band, Cannibal Corpse. In 1989, Dennis, Rich and Joe formed Mayhemesis with Jim Link (drums) and Phil Frost (guitar).

    These can be found fairly easily enough on-line but, I didn't see them up already and wanted to post them for those who haven't heard them and the uninitiated. Enjoy!

    Desecration of the Graves (1987)
    1. Slaughtered
    2. Desecration of the Grave
    3. Blasphemy
    4. Mass Mutilation
    Chaotic Destruction (1987)

    1. Ambition to Kill (Intro)
    2. Crucified in Blood
    3. Decapitated
    4. Bamm-Bamm
    5. Chaotic Destruction
    6. Medieval Odyssey
    Mutant Supremacy (1989)

    1. Mutant Supremacy
    2. Exhausted
    3. Crucified in Blood
    4. Untitled Bonus Track *

    * Not sure if this track is them or not. It was included in the file so I'll include it here.
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    FRANK,thanx for this triple thrash treat!!!Ha,ha,do you remember this phrase from HBBAL of MTV??Very appreciated these files man!!CHEERS!! porosimetal

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    Tirant Sin (US-NY) 1987 Demo #1 Desecration Of The Grave [Feb'87] [192] Hidden Link
    1. Slaughtered (3:15)
    2. Desecration Of The Grave (2:03) <- this track won't play unless you drag the file into your media player.
    3. Blasphemy (2:39)
    3. Mass Mutilation (3:45)

    Tirant Sin (US-NY) 1987 Demo #2 Chaotic Destruction demo [Nov'87] [320] Hidden Link
    1. Ambition to kill/Crucified in Blood (3:22)
    2. Decapitated (3:15)
    3. Bamm-Bamm (1:43)
    4. Chaotic Destruction (3:58)
    5. Medieval Odyssey (2:17)

    Tirant Sin (US-NY) 1988 Demo #3 Mutant Supremacy [320] Hidden Link
    1. Mutant Supremacy (5:03)
    2. Exhausted (2:54)
    3. Crucified in Blood (3:24)

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