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    Artist: Vendetta (pre-Anesthesy)
    Release: Season of the Witch, Demo 1987
    Genre: Heavy / Speed Metal
    Country: Belgium
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Reupload request. Many thanks to Kitte for the rip and share of this rarity!!.

    Perfect obscure blastering speed metal from the Belgian band VENDETTA!.
    Recorded at Studio Mix, Kortrijk 29 Nov. 1987.

    A while after the release of this demo; in mid 1988, vocalist Stefaan Deldaele left the band and while auditioning for a replacement, VENDETTA was forced to change their name to ANESTHESY in order to avoid confusion with VENDETTA (GER), who had already released their debut "Go and Live... Stay and Die (1987)" for Noise Records by then.

    At the end of 1988 they got their new vocalist; Stefaan Vanijzere, but he left already in march 1989. The band decided to continue as a trio, with guitarist Frank Libeert doing the vocals as well. In July 23-24 the band recorded their debut demo "Overdose (1989)" with their former vocalist Stefaan Deldaele as the producer. Plenty of gigs followed and some label interest was generated as well from England's C.M.F.T. Records, in March of 1990. The band recorded 9 songs at the Square Studio, for what was to be their debut LP, to be entitled "Just Married". This never saw the light of day though, as C.M.F.T. soon became bankrupt.. so the band decided to have six of the originally recorded nine songs remixed at CCR Studio, they were released independently in early March 1992, as the "Just Married" MCD.

    Shortly after the release of "Just Married" ANESTHESY became a quartet, with the addition of guitarist Werner Vanlaere. In early 1993 a deal was signed with Tessa Records, and ANESTHESY's song "Enstrangled Minds" was elected to be the opening track on Tessa's "Detonation" compilation CD with bands such as ANCIENT RITES, MIND RUIN and TYFOON, amongst others.

    After the compilation appearance the band got to release their debut album "Exaltation of the Eclipse" (1994). Followed up with a second album in 1998 "The Fifth Season" and "Chaos Path (1999)" before splitting up, in mid 2000. More info about VENDETTA and ANESTHESY can be found at Beligian Heavy Metal.

    Stef - Vocals
    Franky - Guitar
    Stoffe - Guitar
    Chris - Bass
    Ringo - Drums
    1. Season Of The Witch
    2. Into The Shadows Of Victory
    3. Changes Of Life
    4. Dragonfighter
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