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    Artist: Dyoxen
    Release: A Foot from the Edge, Demo 1989
    Genre: Heavy / Thrash Metal
    Country: Canada
    Bitrate: 192kbps
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    The '89 demo from DYOXEN as requested by ragman.
    1. Abuse - Citizen Soldier
    2. The Essence Of Ignorance
    3. Foot From The Edge
    4. Contaminated]

    Biography written by Michael Sanders:
    [textbox]In 1989 after playing in a cover band called KAOS, I formed my first all original group "DYOXEN". The original line up consisted of Derek Kerr (drums and vocals) Steve Sinclair (bass) and me on guitar and lead vocals. We started off playing local shows that consisted of mostly cover songs and some original material. I believe what set our original material apart from other bands in the same genre at the time was that I always tried to play all of the notes that were in between the notes that everyone else was playing at the time. We recorded two demo tapes "APOCALYPTIC DREAMS" and "A FOOT FROM THE GRAVE" We started to circulate the tape to indie mags and fanzines world wide, and slowly we started to creat a buzz. Eventaually we decided that we needed a larger sound so we enlisted guitarist Alistair Hay.It was at about this time when Steve left the group and was replaced by bassist Andy Morton. This is the lineup that played on the album although for some unknown reason it is not listed that way. This would later become the subject of much debate between Al, Andy, and myself, as the two had left the group shortly after the recording of the record. But really this was just one of many unfortunate mistakes made by the guy who did the layout for the record as we would all later come to understand.

    Through Canadian punk icon Chi Pig of SNFU we hooked up with Gabor Svoboda(Gubby) at Cargo Records.Gubby was invaluable to the band's success. He helped in every way that he possibly could. He developed the band and got us our deal with Cargo and contacted people around the globe to try and get them involved in the project.

    We went on to record the critically acclaimed album "FIRST AMONG EQUALS" (Cargo/Caroline Records, North America, Music For Nations Europe/U.K) which received international air play. Most of the music was written by Derek and myself except the song "Overcome" which was a collaberative effort between Al Andy Derek and Myself. In 1991-92 the record received rave reviews throughout Europe but little or no press or promotion in North America . However the band did two small North American tours as well as a string of Canadian dates in support of such recording artists as ANNIHILATOR, ANVIL, D.R.I.,SNFU, ZOETROPE, D.B.C., RAZOR, and SACRIFICE. The band also shot a video for the song "A FOOT FROM THE EDGE" which received air play on MUCH MUSIC as well as some European stations.

    As I had mentioned earlier, Al and Andy had parted company with the band,so inorder to tour and promote the album we hired guitarist Brett Stacey and welcomed the return of long time friend and original bass player Steve Sinclair. Shortly afterwards the band started to drift apart both personally and artistically. We were writing music that was far removed from the techno thrash we had become known for.I mean it was still really heavy shit, and it was very technical as well, but it wasn't cutting it with our record company for one reason or another. Ofcourse I am biased,but for what it's worth I still believe to this day that it was some of the best music that we ever wrote.

    Anyway, this coupled with poor record sales in North America and the growing unrest within the band ,sealed our fate with Cargo Records. Another factor in our departure with Cargo was that our European label Active(distributed by MFN) had some kind of disagreement with Cargo that resulted in litigation. I still have no idea what happened in Europe and the UK and I don't know why you can still buy the album all over the net, but hey, what are ya gonna do? Anyway, I don't want to bore you with my problems.[/textbox]

    DYOXEN Interview 2004 Ruuth's Inn:
    [textbox]DYOXEN - MICHAEL SANDERS (23 Sept 2004)

    How did you end up on the label Cargo? And what do you think of them today?
    There was this punk band called SNFU that we had seen in London Canada. I had given a demo to the lead singer Chi Pig and he liked it enough to give one to his manager Gubby who worked for cargo records. Our guitar player Alistair had gotten us a great review in Kerrang through his cousin in the UK, and we were starting to get other favorable reviews. I think that is what caught the attention of Cargo. As a label we didn't get a lot of support from them other than the recording budget. As cool as Gubby was, he was our manager and he worked for the label, which I now realize was a major conflict of interest. Hind sight being 20/20 I think that we still had an opportunity to take things a lot further than we did, but we were too young, drunk, and foolish to see it at the time. It was great fun though. I don't hold any ill will towards Cargo. I am sure that they did what they thought was best.

    Is there anything you wished you would have done different?
    Yeah. While we were in process of rounding up a second wave of tour dates, our drummer, Derek, who was a musical genius, was going through some personal problems and couldn't play for about three months. I wish I would have got someone to sub until he got better cause it kinda killed our momentum. I wish that we would have stuck to our guns and put out another thrash album. We recorded some new material but I don't think that the label liked it. They had really put almost no promotion or tour support into the first record and were not about to consider doing it for the next. The material was slower and more introspective but still heavy. We didn't realize at the time that thrash was our bread and butter and we wanted to be more experimental. I also wish that we would have made it to Europe. That is where we sold the most records and that is where people were most interested in what we were doing.

    You made quite a buzz in the thrash metal field for only releasing one album, with some airplay, touring and even making an own video.
    The funny thing about that is, aside from the reviews and fan mail from europe, we never would have known it. We were completely insulated from the success we were having over seas. I still get mail from all over the world more than ten years after the fact but very rarely from the continent in which I live.

    How would you describe First among equals for those who never heard it?
    Four pissed off young men playing as fast as they could with the intent of saving the world.

    What about the songs you wrote after releasing First among equals, will they ever see the light of day?
    I doubt it. If there were any interest I suppose we would do something but until that time, those songs will remain shelved.

    Of all the bands you've opened for which gig meant the most to you?
    That's a hard one. Playing with DBC (Dead Brain Cells) at the Blacklight in Montreal. It was a full house with lots of energy and a great vibe. I remember being completely overwhelmed and thinking, this is what it is all about. We always loved to play with DBC. I am still good friends with the singer Phil. He does my artwork to this day.

    What's the highlight of Dyoxen's career?
    For me there was no pinnacle. I just enjoyed playing music with my friends and partying. It was great to hear from our fans and see articles written about us in languages that we couldn't understand, from countries that we had never been to. But for the most part, those years were pretty much a blur for me. So were the next eight.

    Tell us more about your new band 'One Tribe Nation'
    Well, the group is now called Michael Sanders and One Tribe Nation. It is a far cry from Dyoxen, more along the lines of Santana meets Jeff Beck and Curtis Mayfield. My debut solo album is nearly complete. I have been working with Neil Citron at Steve Vai's studio "The Mother Ship".We are mastering completed tracks, and re-mixing others. We hope to be finished in early October. In the mean time, you can check out new songs as they become available on my web site.

    Joining the Nation for this release are all-star greats like Luis Conte, (Eric Clapton, Santana), Jimi Roberts (Tower Of Power, Rick Braun) and long time Rolling Stones backup singer Bernard Fowler, as well as touring members and session players for such artists as Black Eyed Peas, Frank Gambale, Dio, and Glen Hughes.

    Are there any plans of reuniting Dyoxen someday?
    If there was any interest I'm sure everyone would consider it.

    Any last words for our readers?
    I wish that we could have made it over there to see you guys but hey, what are ya gonna do?
    Thank you for your support.


    /By Jim Ruuth[/textbox]
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