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    Artist: Selective Outrage
    Release: Demos 1985-88
    Genre: Thrash Metal / Crossover
    Country: USA (Pearl River, NY)
    Bitrate: 224kbps
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    Band Bio

    SELECTIVE OUTRAGE – Pearl River, N.Y. (1986 to 1988)

    By the summer of 1985, Hardcore Punk and Heavy Metal…former enemies at large, we’re now starting to notice each other. It wasn’t yet at this point a full blown love affair, but it is safe to say that some interest beyond the standard “hmmmm?” was beginning to happen. Depending on who you consult on this issue, this was either evolution or blasphemy for both camps…..yet as Victor Hugo once said (and I paraphrase) “ No army can stop an idea whose time has come”. Welcome to the story of Selective Outrage……Rockland County’s first “Thrashcore” band.

    Selective Outrage began in the spring of 1986, with vocalist Chris Skelly and guitarist Mike Wilson coming together over their shared mutual loves of bands like Discharge, Slayer, Angry Samoans, Metallica, Adrenalin O.D., etc……and wanting to create a project that reflected these shared influences. Mike O’Keefe (bass) and Manny Fasano (drums) were brought in as the rhythm section, and songwriting began in earnest.

    Shortly after compiling a sturdy roster of about 10 to 12 quick, and angry songs….Selective Outrage played their first show at a party thrown by future members of the North Rockland metal band Killpower. Selective Outrage left the metalheads stunned with a 25 minute set of ferocious hardcore punk / metal that no one had seen up until that point. The future members of Syianic we’re in attendance at this show, and their excitement of what they had just seen helped to forge a tight alliance with Selective Outrage that lasted until the demise of both bands.

    Selective Outrage next went into the studio to record their first “8 Song” demo, and this tape quickly made the rounds of the burgeoning Rockland County hardcore / metal scenes. Their sound was a ferocious mix of high speed punk riffs, and technical metal structure….with a lyrical base that delved into topics such as war, politics, scene division, and personal liberty. Even with this new scene starting to grow…..venues we’re elusive, and fear of these “lunatic” kids made shows even harder to come by. In the early spring of 1987…Chris Skelly and Mike Wilson walked into a rinky dink bar in Nyack, N.Y. called “Blondies” and asked the owner if she would be interested in hosting an all ages matinee show for some of the up and coming bands in this scene, to which she reluctantly said yes. With massive promotion through flyers and word of mouth……the four band bill of Selective Outrage, Syianic, Malicious Onslaught & Violent Youth drew close to 250 paying customers, and marked the new age, and new home of Rockland County hardcore and metal. Shows at this venue (which has gone through a variety of name changes) continue to this day.

    Selective Outrage continued to play, and organize shows in Rockland County, and North Jersey through 1987, and in 1988 recorded their 2nd demo called “We’re All Mad”. This demo saw Selective Outrage progress to an even more technical and brutal sound, and was greeted with much acclaim in fanzines, and received moderate radio airplay on college stations throughout the country.

    1988 saw the demise of Selective Outrage simply due to the fact that the band had run it’s course, and the members we’re looking towards other projects and futures.

    Selective Outrage will always be remembered as the band that started it all for the 2nd wave of Rockland County hardcore and metal, and how they worked tirelessly to create a viable scene…. where one hadn’t existed before. - Rockland County NY - Heavy Metal

    Chris Skelly - Vocals
    Michael Wilson - Guitar
    Mike O'Keefe - Bass
    Manny Fasano - Drums
    Practice Tape 1985-86
    1. Spock - The Space Hippies / Aids
    2. Vision
    3. Barking at Religion

    Demo 1986
    1. Dump Trucks
    2. Peer Pressure
    3. Mr. God
    4. Unity
    5. Vaticon
    6. Think For Yourself
    7. The Cries
    8. Wargames
    9. Manson

    We're All Mad Demo 1988
    1. This is not a Test
    2. Living the Horror
    3. Crucifixion Party
    4. Children of Democracy
    5. State Violence, State Control (Discharge cover)
    The main sources of my uploads are from blogs (mostly lockjaw - R.I.P.), myspace, youtube and other outlets. Many thanks to the original uploaders for sharing their music with us.
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