Demos [Speed / Thrash] » Aftermath A.D. (US-NC) - Mindless Havoc [Demo] (1990)
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    Artist: Aftermath A.D.
    Release: Mindless Havoc - Demo 2 (1990)
    Genre: Thrash Metal
    Country: US / NC
    Bitrate: 320 Kbps
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    Found it on a "obscure" blog - unfortunately the tape rip is too distorted...almost unlistenable. I don't know how people share stuff in this condition... just brings to my memory why i download several times the same tape - always hoping it's from a different source to have it the best perfect way possible. If someone knows how to clean and edit these bad tape rips - please go ahead and re-upload it again to Emil.
    1. Vengeance
    2. Mindwar
    3. Watching And Waiting
    4. Devouring The Dead
    5. White Collar Crime
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    hi50metalmaniac wrote:Did you get this from the same guy who did the shitty Distorted Violence rip? I think he has no clue on how to rip tapes properly. Or it could be tape rot who knows. They all deteriorate over time especially if you don't take good care of them throughout the years.

    It seems not a deteriorate tape. For me - it was a matter of how bad he adjusted his settings of distortion (using Audacity for example) when he ripped the tape to WAV and then after converted it to mp3... He surely listened the results of his rip because he had to split the tracks. I ripped something near of 400 tapes these last years and if i left the distortion levels in the middle, the rips would be "flat" (almost no bass or treble and would be low sound), so - one must raise the levels but only until a certain degree, otherwise the distortion will start to be perceptible. And if you put it those levels on the highest - would sound like thse rips of Aftermath and Distorted Violence...That's why a guy must adjust the levels from tape to tape and from rip to rip - each tape has it's own sound and distortion by default. One must listen a little bit first the tape playing, adjust the levels of Audacity and then export the rip to a folder (in WAV). Then you split the tracks...each track - each song. He had to listen the results of his rips.
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