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    Artist: Abighor
    Release: The Bloody Cross [Demo '89]
    Genre: Power/Speed Metal
    Country: Italy
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
    look in posts below for re-upload link by OldNecromancer
    Italy (Bologna, Emilia-Romagna) 1987
    Giancarlo Mattei -vocals
    Gio Gamberini -guitar
    Cristiano Benassi -guitar
    Davide Baraldi -bass
    Enrico Battaglioli -drums
    guest: Luciano Tattini - guitar solo on track 3.
    Recorded and mixed at RAIN studio - Bologna Italy.

    Last known line-up
    Giancarlo Mattei - Vocals (Proloud, Attosecondo, Mantideatea)
    Christiano Benassi - Guitar
    Joe Gamberini - Guitar (Attosecondo)
    Daniele Biffi - Bass, Keyboards (Mantideatea)
    Emi Pierro - Drums (Proloud)

    Former/past member(s)
    Guitar: Enrico Battaglioni
    Bass: Davide Baraldi (Xteria)
    Drums: Stefano Benaglia , Christian Nowak

    Additional notes
    Giancarlo Mattei now sings in the Progressive Metal band Proloud and in two Rock bands called Attosecondo and Mantideatea.
    1. Loud Lust
    2. Sword of the Saint
    3. Negative Discharge
    4. My Damned House
    5. Madness in the Evil Brain
    6. The Bloody Cross
    huge appreciation & thanks to all the uploaders the rest..CONTRIBUTE

    mediafire deleted my account......PM me for any re-uploads
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    Mighty HOBGOBLIN thanx for this superb demo!!Killer riffing ,the songs don't let you get bored with their changing patterns ,their melodies and ever evolving structure,both thoughtfull and powerfull!A band that delivered always top quality metal gems and must be praised for this!!Check and grab all their superb efforts! porosimetal
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    beppediana wrote:I've also "Outside the window" the third demo, and some live track!!!

    if you have it can you share it with us. it is very rare !
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    Exclusivly for Strappado members, the DemoLition entry for Abighor!

    Abighor (Bologna, Italy)
    Wings of the End (1988): King Solomon's Key / Wings of the End / Over the Life / Inductor of Death / Tetragrammaton / Abigor
    Giancarlo Mattei (v), Gio Gamberini (v/g on "King Solomon's Key"), Cristiano Benassi (g), Davide Beraldi (b), Stefano Benaglia (d)
    The Bloody Cross (1989): Loud Lust / Sword of the Saint / Negative Discharge / My Damned House / Madness in the Evil Brain / The Bloody Cross
    Giancarlo Mattei (v), Gio Gamberini (g), Cristiano Benassi (g), Davide Beraldi (b), Enrico Battaglioli (d)
    Solid power/speed outfit that formed in 1987 and released one more demo and then a Queensryche-sounding CD in 1994. On their first tape they sound melodic yet fast and heavy, with vocals that are on the high side but still hearty and with a taste of that operatic Italian prog metal style. Their playing and arrangements are good, and the clean production (from SubCave Studios in Bologna) gives them a pretty pro vibe. There is some nice riffing and plenty of melodic guitar runs, with the occasional European power metal feel (i.e., updated/heavier traditional metal). The songs range from a power ballad to heavy crunchers. The Euro power metal feel continues on The Bloody Cross, a guitar fest with solid songwriting and strong arrangements that are equally melodic and heavy. The recording, done at Rain Studio, is good, with nice and heavy guitars. Again they go from a quieter song that incorporates tasteful synths to tough speed metal. The high vocals reminds me of Geddy Lee in parts. Mattei went on to Proloud and Beraldi was in Xteria.
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    Same bitrate - Reuploaded to HMR folder
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    NO Zippyshare, thanx...
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