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    Artist: Life Artist
    Release: A Diary Of Inner Visions, 1992
    Genre: Progressive Metal
    Country: Germany
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Requested. Their demo can be found here: 'Faith, Demo 1991'.

    After completing tours with Mekong Delta and Psychotic Waltz, the band wanted to pursue an instrumental direction, recorded a demo called 'Land(e)scapes Within a Building' in 1994 after being dropped by their record label.

    Dirk Eckhard - Vocals (Rhun)
    Frank Jauernick - Guitars
    Dirk Godau - Guitars
    Ingo Holzhauser - Bass
    Roger Ihmann - Drums
    1. Under the Sun of Sadness
    2. Memory Lane
    3. Faith
    4. Entire Region
    5. The Flyer
    6. Jazzica
    7. Dream Quest
    8. Follow the Trace to Shadowland
    9. A Ticket to Moon
    10. Autumn
    11. To Be Continued
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    Interesting post for an almost forgotten band.

    You do not have by any chance the Rhûn demo "Behind Faces"?

    I was in contact with the band at the time and attended various gigs, but unfortunately
    my original demo got lost and I am stuck with the empty case ...

    They were really brilliant as a band and Andrea had an incredible voice ...
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    Haha, funny to see our stuff here. By the way, New music of Life Artist will come in 2015 ...

    @caminantenocturno: You can contact Andrea via Facebook ...

    Join our Facebook page:
    Comming up soon:

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    Thanks for the reply Marco! -
    I like the (first) Life Artist album; didn't sneak a free copy by the way, but bought one from Idiots records I believe ...

    I might actually try your idea although I am not on facebook. Might be a bit of a shock if she's not still active hahahaha ...

    I believe I had numbers from Donald and Ecki somewhere,
    but I moved often and it's been quite a while, so they probably wouldn't be valid anyway ...

    I would very much like to hear what's new with Life Artist ...

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    Man, this is awesome. I've been on the hunt (like the song Memory Lane says :) ) for bands in the same vein as Sieges Even, in the Steps / A Sense of Change period, and this not only matched my expectations, but went even further. Beautiful melodies, intricate playing, heaviness intermingled with softness, jazzy breaks, this one has it all! Thanks for uploading this and thanks to the band for having made such awesome music!

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