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    Band: Time Escape
    Country: Italy (Firenze)
    Genre: Progressive Hard/Metal
    Release: Demo tape
    Title: Time Escape
    Year: 1987
    Bitrate: mp3 - 320 kbps
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    Time Escape were formed in Firenze in 1986 when the
    musicians had a mean age of 15/16,anyway some of them
    had been involved yet in some underground/local bands
    (for example Melis played in Heavy Souls together with
    singer Jacopo Meille who later sung in Mad Mice,Mantra
    Tygers of Pan Tang etc.);in 1987 the band released their
    first self titled demo gaining good reviews on italian
    metal magazines but in 1988 Milli left the band replaced
    by keyboard player/singer Francesco Simionato.

    In this period absorbed by their school committments and
    jobs Time Escape never played live and in 1988 Castellano
    moved to Los Angeles to study and improve on guitar and the
    band was put on hold;during 1989/1990 Time Escape recorded
    15 new songs for a second rare promo later simply labeled as
    "Demo 1991" just to fix on tape their music as they've already
    decided to quit just after the release because the lack of
    interest of music labels.

    After the split former musicians went on playing becoming
    appreciated session men and pursuing also their solo careers,
    Castellano recorded several solo guitar oriented albums and
    playing for many italian popstars as Gianna Nannini,Irene Grandi,Celentano
    Claudio Simonetti(former Goblin)etc. - Melis was involved
    with the historical italian post/punk/wave band Diaframma recording 3 cds,
    in 1994 with the band Green published Life,a good AOR album,and
    now plays in Underfloor and is also an appreciate studio producer.

    Alessio Riccio now is a world wide known jazz/experimental musician:

    Simone Milli - lead vocals,keyboards
    Giacomo Castellano - guitar
    Guido Melis - bass
    Alessio Riccio - drums
    1 - In Real Time-A Phase Of The Dream
    2 - Raspberry's Land
    3 - Moment
    4 - Fourth Dimension
    5 - Waiting For The Change
    6 - Endless Instant
    7 - Lightime-In Time To Come
    "Solo i Morti Hanno Visto La Fine Della Guerra - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War.”
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    Here is the bio - in italian Language - of their ex-bass player Guido Melis: ...and here, the Discogs' page for this AMAZING demo release (with photo of my original tape just uploaded! (:D) ): ... e/11723835

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