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    Artist: Frankie Woodhouse
    Release: Something in the Air, 1984
    Genre: Hard / Heavy Rock
    Country: Netherlands
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Rip and share by Metal John, thanks mate!

    Uploader Notes: Here is the solo album of the dutch drummer Frankie Woodhouse (LADY, AVALON, SWORD & JEWEL)
    called 'Something In The Air'. It is never released on cd an I ripped it from my original double lp out of 1984. For that time
    it was a great album and "Angels Of Beware" is still one of my favourite songs (with Herbie Vanderloo of ATTILA on guitar ).
    It is a real collectors item and I know a lot of people are searching for this one. Also made a back cover for it.
    I think it's for the first time on the net and hope you enjoy it!
    1. Something In The Air
    2. Ready To Rock
    3. Searchin'
    4. Dream Past Memories
    5. Distant Highway
    6. Angels Of Beware
    7. Lost Child
    8. No More
    9. Dolls Are Gonna Rule
    10. Something In The Air ( reprise )
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    this is a cool album. I had that double-LP in the late 80s and 90s. Back then it was already a highly sought-after album and I ended up selling it when I was hard up for cash back in my starving student days. Music was pretty good, well worth a listen.
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    Nice add, thanks! Haven't heard this in a long time. While copies don't show up very often, they don't seem to sell for much or attract much interest when a copy does appear; last 2 copies on ebay brought less than $40 each and only got 1-2 bids.
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    STRAPPADO,mega thanx for reuploading this masterpiece of NL- metal scene!!(Thanx goes again to METAL JOHN ,the original uploader!)I really love this album for being a perfect mix of hard rock elements and 80s metal!Song#2 has a kinda "BREAKING THE LAW" riffing and keyboard fills(ala KEN HENSLEY) all over it,not to mention the relentless guitar soloing by great Dutch axemans here!!Songs#4 & #6 combine balladesque parts with galloping riffing and kinda epic style build up!All the musicians and the singer involved put in all songs their best and they are very talented!The songs are fine pieces of 80s metal and left me amazed!It's a very rare item,but above all has a high metal music quality for all headbangers not to just enjoy themselves but worship this piece of molten metal!!Thanx to the blog master for offering it for a 2nd time!!RESPECT!! porosimetal

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    added a new link Hidden Link

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