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    Artist: Willcox
    Release: Roll for Three (1982)
    Genre: Blues Rock
    Country: France
    Bitrate: 320
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    1. Heartbreaker
    2. Tony's Tune
    3. Tale of Tomorrow
    4. Cryin' Mama
    5. We're Out Tonight
    6. Going Down
    7. World of Confusion
    8. Dust my Broom
    9. Baby Please Don't Go ( Big Joe Williams Cover)
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    Willcox were actually a UK band formed by the 3 Willcox brothers who were from Newcastle, England, although they were based in and popular in France, so this should probably be most at home in the NWoBHM section.
    Here's a short bio:

    WILLCOX were a trio of brothers from Newcastle, England, who got together and formed their eponymous Heavy Rock trio in the unlikely environs of Calais in Northern France in 1981.
    Guitarist Peter Willcox had been active on the French rock scene for many years prior to Willcox's formation, having joined the band of Franco-Pop star GUY HOUZET in 1968.
    With Houzet, he released 3 singles, before leaving to form the Blues based band MULE STATION.
    Soon after, Peter's brother Sammy was installed in the band as Vocalist and Bassist, and Mule Station became a popular draw on the European live circuit.
    The band only managed to release two singles during their lifetime, but were in constant demand on the concert stage.
    At the dawn of the 1980's, inspired by the likes of ROSE TATTOO, RORY GALLAGHER and AC/DC, the Willcox brothers decided that they wanted to pursue a Harder musical direction and began writing more in this style.
    Bolstered by younger brother Terry Willcox on Drums and Philippe Vandamme on Rhythm Guitar, Willcox hit the road, touring wherever they could.
    Their Harder sound and energetic live show soon brought the band a loyal following and brought the new band to the attention of LPJ Records who signed the band up.
    Their debut album, "Roll Of Three" was released in 1982, and captured the band's live attack in the studio environment perfectly.
    The album sold well enough for the label to invest in Willcox, sending them back out on tour again for more gruelling roadwork in 1983, and some Festival appearances.
    A 7" single was released to tie in with this bout of touring, "We're Out Tonight" was backed with the non-LP track "The Sooner The Better".
    1984 saw the band release their second and final album, "Hot Blood", which has since become a cult item amongst record collectors.
    This less bluesy, harder Rocking album received rave reviews in the European Rock and Metal press, and the boys backed it's release with more touring, including dates with some of the days French Metal luminaries and with touring international bands.
    Around this time, LPJ Records lost their major label distribution deal, and as a result the album didn't fare as well as their debut, which in turn led to LPJ dropping the band.
    Although the band continued to write and play live for several more years, they were unable to snare another record deal, and disbanded near the decades end as a result.
    In 1994 Sammy Willcox reappeared with a solo album, "La Bise Au Perdant" on Carrere Records.
    In 2003 he joined the French Blues/Hard Rock institution STOCKS, with whom he still plays.

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