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    Artist: Dokken (USA)
    Release: Hard Rock Woman 7" Single (1979)
    Genre: Hard Rock
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: 192kbps
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    DOKKEN - Hard Rock Woman 7" (1979) USA
    Hard Records 1701


    01. Hard Rock Woman
    02. Broken Heart

    Don Dokken - Vocals & Guitar (AIRBORN)
    Steven R. Barry - Bass & Vocals
    Greg Pecka - Drums (AIRBORN, HELLION)

    Los Angeles based Hard Rock band DOKKEN was first formed around 1978 when Vocalist Don Dokken teamed up with Bassist Steve Barry and drummer Greg Pecka. Prior to this, Don had been playing club shows in the Los Angeles area billed as AIRBORN, but had to change name because another band called Airborn had already acquired a record deal. In 1979, this initial trio line up of the band entered the studio and recorded the two songs which became their debut single. This record, the ultra rare "Hard Rock Woman" 7" was released in 1979 by the L.A. based Hard Records label. After the single's release, personnel changes saw Greg Leon arrive on Guitar, Jeff Tappen on Bass and Gary Holland took over the drum stool from Pecka who would later join HELLION. This line-up recorded a demo tape later issued with the addition of two live tracks, without the band's approval, as the six song 1979 "Back In The Streets" EP. After more personnel problems, Don met up with Guitarist George Lynch and Drummer "Wild" Mick Brown, who were playing a band called XCITER, and recruited them.

    In 1981, Don Dokken flew to Germany to sing background vocals on the upcoming SCORPIONS album "Blackout", in order to assist the band's vocalist Klaus Meine, who was suffering from a vocal ailment. Whilst there, ACCEPT were recording in another studio, and their manager was so impressed by Don that he was able to secure him a European record deal with Carrere Records. An album was hastily recorded in Germany by a band now featuring Dokken, Lynch & Brown with Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer guesting on some tracks and Accept's Peter Baltes playing Bass throughout. The group's debut album "Breaking The Chains", was first released in Germany under the name "Don Dokken". With the addition of Juan Croucier on Bass, Dokken had a steady line-up, and a new manager, Cliff Bernstein, who got the band a US deal with Elektra Records. The band did an arena tour in the United States with BLUE ÖYSTER CULT in 1983, but when the tour was over the band was nearly dropped from the label due to the album's lack of success in the USA. Juan Croucier left Dokken in 1983 to join RATT and was replaced by Jeff Pilson.

    At this point, the band began to write more and more commercial material, eschewing the Harder sound of old. Dokken then began to experience huge commercial success in the USA, accumulating numerous charting singles and selling more than 10 million copies of their next 4 albums (3 studio, 1 live), worldwide. The band was also nominated for a Grammy in 1989, the year the "classic" line up split up, only to reform four years later. Things were never the same for Dokken however, albums sold poorly and band members came and went with alarming regularity over the next 20 years. In the midst of this ongoing soap opera, guitarist George Lynch announced a further reformation of the classic Dokken line up in 2010. Lynch was forced to retract the statement hours later however, saying "There will be no Dokken reunion in the foreseeable future, if ever. This is Don’s decision, despite Jeff’s and my best intentions and efforts over the past few years to make this happen in good faith."
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    I remember spinning the "Breakin the Chains" vinyl LP way back in the early 80s and thinkin' "eh, it's ok". My friend really liked it though. I never could get into them much though. But I thought their best was this first LP so I'll check out this early material - thanks!

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    Gotta correct you on the info regarding the "Back in the Streets" EP. I don't know who's on it, but other than Don, it ain't those guys. This is my correspondence with Greg Leon about it through Facebook three years ago (July 1st, 2013, to be exact):

    "I'm only on the cover of the C.D.. Someone put together that release to get money that was owed to him from Don I am told. Also that bootleg you have charted high on the import list Don told me a while back. Go figure."
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    New Link Here Hidden Link
    Thanks to the original uploader

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