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    Artist: Magic
    Release: Cadillac [Single] (1974)
    Genre: Hard Rock, Blues Rock
    Country: Austria
    Bitrate: 256kpbs
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    Austrian rock band active from 1974 - 1982.

    Every source gives the same names for the Band Members, but not what they played on this record.

    D. Gibson
    G. Johnson
    K. Brown
    J. Mallett
    T. Vince
    1. Cadillac
    2. Vigil
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    (shocked) Wow! - Amazing, didn´t expect this at all.
    Reading the band member´s name I was sure this´d be just another mix-up of our small country with down under (AUT vs. AUS). (wink)
    But hey - no way, this actually is a vintage Austrian rock band from Styria, evolved from Magic 69 (1969-1974), renamed to Magic (1974-1982).
    See here for their discography and band infos.

    There´s quite some confusion about the band members. Many sources tell us that "Magic are: K. Brown / D. Gibson / G. Johnson / J. Mallett / T. Vince", but to me there´s no hint they ever used these pseudonyms. If so, then for this single at the very most.

    According to Tom at his blog, the line-up on this single is:
    Günther Timischl, Boris Bukowski, Andi Beit, Gerhard Fuchs and Harald Brunner (- but I doubt that he is 100% right with this).
    Anyway, quite interesting names in the history of AustroPop ("Austrian Pop & Rock"):
    • Günther Timischl (Magic 69, Magic, Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung/EAV, S.T.S., Opus) = Vocals: Quite famous musician over here, most notably for being a third of S.T.S.. He´s doing vocals on this single, before Boris Bukowski took over in 1975/76.
    • Fritz "Boris" Bukowski (Music Machine, Magic 69, Magic, Boris Bukowski) = Drums (later took over vocal duties)

    Got to do some research on the others, all I´m sure is 3 guys from the cover (from left to right):
    (1) Andi Beit - (2) ??? - (3) no idea who the guy with the wit is (eek) - (4) Günther Timischl - (5) Fritz "Boris" Bukowski.

    To be continued lateron…

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    Well, i hope you enjoy the Music (rockon) .

    Though a little note, Vigil Side B has a few scratches .
    So the recording sadly includes a few skips and such .

    Sorry .
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    Many thanks for the upload 1974, it's a new one to me & an enjoyable slice of the times.
    I had a go at making it a bit more listenable by attempting to remove some of the crackle & popping & i also tried fixing the skips on the flip-side.
    Overall, I think it's a definite improvement, although the intro to 'Vigil' is still far from perfect.
    Hear for yourself:


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