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    Artist: Joker
    Release: Demo, 1993
    Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
    Country: USA (Fallon?)
    Bitrate: 128kbps
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    Features DK Nihoa of Whyte Widow.

    Tracks 1 - 5 recorded Oct 30, 1992.
    Tracks 6 - 11 recorded Nov 14, 1992.

    Official Bio
    Hmmm...I can't seem to find to much memorabilia from these times so I will just put down what I remember. Sometime in 1992 there was a knock on my door and when I went to open it, there stood Steve Koehler, who I hadn't seen since he was maybe 11 years-old. Now here he was at my doorstep and it was 10 years later. I invited him in and he told me that he had been in one band but that it didn't work out. Now he said he wanted to record an album and his Mom said he could have $10,000 dollars to do it and would I help him do it. Of course I thought he was delusional so I told him I would do it but first we would need a place to practice and write songs, a good PA and an 8-track recorder to lay down the demos before we went into the studio. He got all excited and said, "OK" and then he went out the door.

    About a week later there was another knock on my door and there was Steve smiling this big-ass grin. "OK, I got it!"
    "You got what?" "I got everything...c'mon let's go!" He took me to the double-wide storage shed that he had rented and had an alarm system installed. "My mom said OK on ordering the equipment so tell me what I need to buy?" Sure as shit we bought all kinds of awesome equipment and we started writing songs. Now we just had to find a drummer and a singer! We put out ads for drummers and Paul Strybing was one of the applicants. He didn't have a lot of experience but he had a great attitude and that was really important. We jammed and things were going great. Paul said he had seen this great singer on a local cable-access show called "Rubber-Bandits". We called the show, got the guys name off of the end credits and called him. With a little persuasion, Nicholas Brill agreed to join the band.

    Known Members
    Nicholas Brill - Vocals
    DK Nihoa - Guitar? (Whyte Widow, Widowmaker, Rox, Prophet, Gauntlet, Poynt Blank, Whiskey Ninja, Roadkill)
    Steve Koehler - Bass?
    Paul Strybing - Drums
    1. Room 212
    2. Gunning For You
    3. Cold Road
    4. Money Keeps Running
    5. Reckless Situation
    6. Room 212 w Joker Intro
    7. Why Won't You Look At Me
    8. Sally Alice
    9. But First We Drink
    10. Easy Going
    11. I Want You To Want Me (Bonus)
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