Demos [Hard Rock] » Frankie Max + Big Trouble (US) - Fool For Love [Demo] (1988)
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    Artist: Frankie Max + Big Trouble
    Release: Fool For Love, Demo 1988
    Genre: Hard Rock
    Country: USA (Brooklyn, NY)
    Bitrate: 128kbps
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    Early-Mid 80’s: Axe-slinger Frankie Max competed with his band Legacy in Battles of the Bands throughout NYC and Long Island with competitors such as local heavyweights Mazarin. Legacy made a solid mark on the local rock scene with bands/friends that included Smashed Gladys (J.D. Malo), Dusty Rose (Werner Sommer), Hyway (Godfrey Townsend), and many other NYC rock/metal bands of the day. Other bands Frankie performed with during this period included Delusion and Heavy Sedation.

    Mid-Late 80’s: Frankie Max+Big Trouble. The self-titled EP was recorded and produced at the infamous Monkey Hill Studios in Queens, NY,and co-produced by the late, great Greg Marchak. After gaining solid airplay and regular rotation on local college radio (WSOU, WFUV, WLIU, etc.) with the single “Fool for Love”, he needed a full band to bring it all together. In came his brother, Fred Matzelle (Cold Steel) for drum duties, Kenny Lewitt (Slugs/Walter Lure/Waldos) on rhythm guitar and Tony Kovacev took on bass. “Frankie Max+Big Trouble” EP was released and the single "On the Run" took over college radio airwaves. During this period he was also the lead guitarist for Alibi. And he also performed in experimental bands, involving members of KAOSS and Wazoo.

    Early 90’s: A Relativity Records executive had approached Frankie Max with interest for a label deal. The caveat: it had to be a guitar-oriented instrumental album, true to Relativity’s best interests. Frankie passed on the opportunity citing the importance of the lyrical content of his works.

    Late 90’s-Mid 00’s: Frankie Max+Big Trouble disbanded. Frankie continued to write and record material. He garnered film production credits, performed voice-overs, and had written a commercial production script for a major NYC film studio. Frankie was selected as a liaison to the Music Video Producers Association for film/video production studios.

    Recent: Frankie Max has performed/worked with select local NYC bands (Love Pirates, Fat F*ck, Brooklyn Bar Service and others) and continues to perform solo/guest at venues and Open Mikes throughout NYC. He is currently writing, playing, and prepping for new release: solo project/compilation!
    1. Fool For Love
    2. On the Run
    Wantlist: Physical / Digital
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    A strong pair of songs in a style like a RATT, OZZY, BLACK'N' BLUE, WHITE LION blend!! Hot leads of course, memorable hooks, lots of talent..
    Pity they couldn't make a bigger impact!!! EMIL, again many thanx for another winner!! porosimetal
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