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    Artist:     Cowboy Prostitutes
    Release: Take no Shit [demo] (2003)
    Genre:    Hard Rock/Punk'n'Roll
    Country: Sweden (Örebro)
    Bitrate:   cbr128
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    Self-released demo.

    info by Bruno Rossi

    Citing Bruno Rossi at RockExplosion (auto-translation from Italian):
    The Cowboys Prostitutes born in 2003 in Orebro in Sweden, when the Italian singer and bassist Luca Isabelle, moved from London to Scandinavian land, meeting Anders Wickstrom and discussing with him the possibility of forming a band inspired by Motley Crue, Kiss and Motorhead; the music with which they both grew up. Using the help of drummer Rob Persson the Cowboy Prostitutes recorded their first demo titled "Take No Shit", composed of three tracks. Subsequently it is worth mentioning the departure of Rob Persson in favor of Pistolper and the entry into the band of keyboardist Andreas Stromback. And here the band returns to be heard, in the current year, with this demo of 2 songs titled "Over The Top". Damn, I have just enough time to listen to the roar of a Harley engine, in the Sunset Strip tradition, and then I am assaulted by an impenetrable wall of amphetamine, dirt and anthemic rock'n'roll! The voice of Luca Isabelle closely resembles that of Axl Rose and Tom Keifer, the keyboards of Stromback give the whole a feeling close to that of the Quireboys and the refrain has the "shot" just to hit at the earliest listening. This is damned rock'n'roll with the 80's in the heart, Britny Fox and Junkyard at the heels and a sudist and boogieggiante flavor abundantly injected in the blood! "Downtown" instead focuses on the connotations of the power ballad and once again great value is attributed to the vocal lines of Luca and to the solo work of Anders. So this is a song that mixes Gun'n'Roses (especially in the final crescendo) and Firehouse, good to listen to close tight to their favorite rock girl! With these 2 songs the Cowboy Prostitutes show off both the baddest and kick-ass sides and the quieter side of their personality, and they do it in a completely flawless manner! For all the demons of hell, if these guys can write a dozen songs, keeping up with these quality levels, then I'm sure you'll soon have to deal with another raging creature from the Scandinavian scene! If you want to enjoy, listen to them, because the Cowboy Prostitutes "break" for real!

    Luca Isabelle (vocals, bass)
    Anders Wickstrom (guitars, backing vocals)
    Andreas Stromback (keyboards and backing vocals)
    Pistolper (drums)
    01.  Dare or loose  (04:07)
    02.  Helldorado  (03:44)
    03.  Joy  (04:07)

    RunningWild wrote:Not much infos about this band on the web…
    Check it out, it´s quite nice punk´n´roll.
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