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    Artist: So What!
    Release: So What!,MC 1983 / Friday Rock Show Session, Bootleg 1985
    Genre: Melodic / Hard Rock
    Country: UK (Cumnock, Scotland)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    SO WHAT! (Scotland, UK) were originally started in 1980 playing local venues such as Ayr Pavillion, Amanda's in Irvine and branching all over Scotland and North England. At a gig in Dunoon, So What! were approached by 70's Super-group The Sweet, who's manager asked the band to support the Sweet within the next two weeks at London's famous Marquee venue to a sold out crowd. After the event, Lead singer of the Sweet Brian Connolly approached the band with an offer to become his new backing band. So What! went into rehearsing and recording but after a while it became obvious that due to Brian Connolly's failing Health Problems, was not going much further. So What, on their own merit, stayed in London and grew from strength to strength selling out venues such as the Marquee club, the famous Empire in Leicester square, and went on to get rave reviews and features in magazines such as Kerrang, MME, Sounds, Melody Maker as well as features on Tommy Vance's Friday Night Rock Show on Radio 1. Disaster then struck the band with a tragedy of their own when guitarist Rod Earl lost his life to leukemia. At this time the band had record deals on the table from recording giants Polydor and EMI, but following such a loss, they could not get over losing such a key player in the band. So What! then drifted their own separate ways until being asked to re-form for a charity gig in Cumnock last Year. So what did the gig with the original line-up and the response was such from the public that decided to get back on the road again to perform and record new upcoming material with the hope of a new album to be relased in the near future

    Last Known Line-up
    Tommy "Smylie" Smillie - Vocals, Bass (Ninja)
    Rod Earl - Guitar (Ninja) R.I.P
    Des Duffy - Guitar (Ninja)
    Gary "Gerry Duffy" Duff - Drums (Ninja)

    Former / Past Members
    Andy Aitken - Guitar, Vocals
    John Gray - Guitar, Vocals
    Bert Lowe - Drums, Vocals
    So What!,MC 1983
    1. Bad Boys
    2. Searching for Love
    3. Fool's Love
    4. Young Girls
    5. Visions
    6. Me and You
    7. You
    8. Stay Tonight

    Friday Rock Show Session, 1985 (BBC Maida Vale Studio 4, 13/11-1985. Broadcasted 13/12-1985)
    1. I've Got To Go
    2. I'll Be Your Friend
    3. Promises
    4. I Don't Know Why
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