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    Artist: Sacrificed
    Release: Spells Of Imprecation, Demo 1995
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: Russia (Rostov-on-Don)
    Bitrate: Variates
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    The idea to create this black metal band came to the members in the late spring of 1994. Then Matvey - bass guitar and Stas - guitar, vocals joined forces in writing brutal material. Unfortunately, they faced a serious problem - the lack of a worthy drummer who could withstand such a frantic rhythm, so Matvey temporarily took the place behind the drums.

    Finally, in the middle of summer, it was time for SACRIFICED to record their first studio demo. On July 27, 1994, within the walls of the local studio "EPOS", the first creation of SACRIFICED was created - the demo "Witchery Candle".

    Then, for a long time, nothing was heard from the group, and on one winter day, January 12, 1995, they recorded another demo of theirs - "Black Navel". The line-up was the same, but instead of drums, this time a drum machine was used. The demo "Black Navel" is notable for the fact that here SACRIFICED introduced keys into their music, inviting a session keyboardist. The cassette itself was sold in a small edition, and since the recording was not a studio recording, this demo was not included in the band's official discography.

    On June 17, 1995, a huge local show "Black Navel Masses" took place, where SACRIFICED performed with the thrash band MISERYCONY. With this concert, SACRIFICED said goodbye to their old material.

    In the summer of 1995, a new and final stage in the group's creativity began. SACRIFICED completes the lineup, joining with the remains of the brutal grind collective FUNERAL SPEECH.

    The lineup with which the last SACRIFICED demo was released:

    Stanislav Ivanov - vocal / guitar
    Denis "Pagan" Shapovalov - guitar
    Sergey "Matvey" Matveykin - bass
    Konstantin "Scur" Konstantinov - drums (ex-Funeral Speech)

    All four of them immediately crawl into the same EPOS studio in order to give birth to a new child of Satan - the Spells of Imprecation demo. The album is completely devoted to the description of occult rites, in particular - the curse, and consists of several parts: preparation for the rite, its conduct, appeal to the unclean, and its appearance. Another nice detail - SACRIFICED did not abandon keyboards, mixing brutal black metal in the tradition of Impaled Nazarene with the melody of Amorphis in the track "Sacral Mass". A. Serdobintsev played the keyboard parts, as in the previous demo tape. The album was recorded in a fairly short time on September 7.9 and re-mixed on October 3, 1995. After the recording, SACRIFICED traditionally played their demo on the radio, gave an interview to Metal Slaughter and filmed a video for the song Sacral Mass.

    In January 1996, the group ceased to exist. After several unsuccessful attempts to revive SACRIFICED, Matvey gave up his musical career. Stanislav and Denis found a new group SUNCHARIOT. Konstantin decided to reanimate FUNERAL SPEECH, but in 1997 he dropped the project in order to finally join the main SUNCHARIOT lineup.

    (Told personally by Stas Ivanov to the site "Encyclopedia of Rostov Rock")
    1. Intro
    2. Witchery Candle
    3. Invocation Of The Horned One
    4. Sacral Mass
    5. Invocation Of The Horned One (outtake)
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