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    Artist: V/A
    Release: The Italian Rock Invasion, Compilation 1987
    Genre: Pop / Rock / AOR / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
    Country: Italy
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Requested by theripper. Here is 'The Italian Rock Invasion' issued on the Dischi Noi label [#DN 0011].

    Info: Italian compilation featuring 11 various bands, mostly softer rock and pop/rock. However it has
    some jewels to find. TOUCH OF DEVIL contributes with the killer tune "Metal Power", if you liked their
    demo output 'Demon Steel', you will love this song which are a fucking metal hymn! get ready for
    catchy riffs, awesome vocals and godly lyrics!. FIL DI FERRO contributes with their album track "Hurricanes"
    here in a unique version for the sampler. CROSSBONES w/the song "The Snowman" which are exclusive for
    the compilation! and last but not least of the heavy bands are BLACK SWAN!, the song entitled "Metal Roads",
    terrific tune!!. Remeaining bands are softer pop/rock. OVERLOAD - Blue snake are worth a listen though!.

    Track 1, 9 & 10 produced by Kit Wooven and engineered by Colin. Recorded at Old Smithy Studios, Worcester
    Track 2 produced by Will Reid Dick for Flying Ace Productions, engineered by Matthew Camp. Recorded at Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire
    Track 3 & 7 produced by Nick Griffiths and engineered by Dennis Herman. Recorded at Mediterranean Studios, Ibiza
    Track 4, 6 & 8 produced and engineered by Guy Bidmead for Hooligan Productions at Liquidator Studios, London
    Track 5 & 11 produced by Pete Hinton and engineered by John Cornfield. Recorded at Sawmills Studios, Cornwall
    1. Pechino Politic - Closer To Me
    2. Rose Garden - Rose Garden
    3. Touch of Devil - Metal Power
    4. Mystic Design - Starting From Zero
    5. Fil Di Ferro - Hurricanes
    6. Life Banquet - Smile
    7. Futuritmi - L'Aviatore
    8. Overload - Blue Snake !
    9. Crossbones - The Snowman
    10. Micco Beni - Girl From the Rodeo
    11. Black Swan - Metal Roads
    Wantlist: Physical / Digital
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    Thanks a ton strap for fulfilling a long time request of mine!! you really rule man!!
    p.s. i noticed Touch of Devil's ''Metal Power'' comes on a different version than the one on the demo..i prefer the demo version by the way! (metal2)
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    Thanx strappado for this rare compilation!The FIL DE FERRO,TOUCH OF DEVIL,CROSSBONES, BLACK SWAN are the only metal goups-songs ,but worth the search since they are great ones! porosimetal
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