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    Artist: V/A
    Release: SST Records - Program: Annihilator (A Soundtrack for Destruction)
    Genres: Doom/Metal/Hardcore/Hard Rock
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
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    Info: Cassette version of SST Records compilation. Cheaply priced sampler for the SST Records label. A good heavy mix of doom, heavier rock/metal and hardcore. Not many surprises here if you are fans of Saint Vitus and L.A. Overkill. The true stand-out here is Wurm's Feast. How in the world can you make a heavy as hell song using a tambourine and a güiro!?!?!? Just amazes me every time I hear it.

    J-card reads: "A WARNING FROM THE PROGRAMMER: EXTREME CAUTION is mandatory with all use of this psychic program material, for while - with proper use - this program information will tune the listener to sufficient destructive capability to get any job - no matter how dirty - done. If mishandled, this psychic fuel program (Program: Annihilator) may overload the Subject's receptive capacity, which could result in indiscriminate violence of an intensity the Programmer can only assume the Subject will consider undesirable. THE PROGRAMMER THEREFORE HEREBY DISCLAIMS ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ACTIONS OF THOSE WHO WILLINGLY MAKE THE DECISION TO AVAIL THEMSELVES OF Program: Annihilator."
    A1. Saint Vitus - War Is Our Destiny
    A2. Saint Vitus - White Stallions
    A3. Saint Vitus - Darkness
    A4. Saint Vitus - White Magic/Black Magic
    A5. Black Flag - Annihilate This Week
    A6. Black Flag - Society's Tease
    A7. Black Flag - You're Not Evil
    A8. Black Flag - Beat My Head Against The Wall
    A9. Black Flag - Thirsty And Miserabl
    B10. L.A. Overkill - Head On
    B11. L.A. Overkill - Victimized
    B12. L.A. Overkill - Ladies In Leather
    B13. D.C. 3 - The Locust
    B14. D.C. 3 - The Maniac
    B15. D.C. 3 - We Feel The Sky
    B16. SWA - Catacombs
    B17. SWA - Sex Doctor
    B18. SWA - Sine Cosine X
    B19. Würm - Feast
    B20. Würm - Bad Habits
    Bass – Cel Revuelta* (tracks: A5 to A9), Ceasar Viscarra (tracks: B13 to B15), Chuck Dukowski (tracks: B16 to B18), Chuck Dukowski (tracks: B19, B20), Mark Adams (3) (tracks: A1 to A4), Ron Cordy (tracks: B10 to B12)
    Drum – Kurt Markham (tracks: B10 to B12)
    Drums – Anthony Martinez (2) (tracks: A5 to A9), Armando Acosta (tracks: A1 to A4), Greg Cameron (tracks: B16 to B18), Lou Hinzo (tracks: B19, B20), Louie Dufau (tracks: B13 to B15)
    Guitar – Dave Chandler (tracks: A1 to A4), Ed Danky* (tracks: B19, B20), Felice Lococo (tracks: B10 to B12), Greg Ginn (tracks: A5 to A9), Richie Ford* (tracks: B16 to B18)
    Guitar, Vocals – Dez Cadena (tracks: B13 to B15)
    Keyboards, Vocals – Paul Roessler (tracks: B13 to B15)
    Vocals – Henry Rollins (tracks: A5 to A9), Merril Ward* (tracks: B10 to B12), Merril Ward* (tracks: B16 to B18), Scott Reagers (tracks: A1 to A4), Simon Smallwood (tracks: B19, B20)

    I'm interested in any and all Texas metal from the 70's - 90's. Message me if you post anything from Texas.

    My blog: Texas Metal Powerhouse
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