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    Artist: V/A
    Release: Rock Climbers: Hottest of Hollywood
    Genre: Blues / Hard / Grunge Rock, Heavy / Thrash Metal
    Country: USA (California)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Compilation featuring bands from the Hollywood area. Forgot to name the tracks before I uploaded.

    Band/Track list:

    1. Kilgore - Cops and Robbers
    A nice Hard Rock song
    Terry Kilgore - Guitar, Vocals
    Rick Carpenter - Bass
    Mike Sato - Drums

    2. A La Carte - Leave the Back Door Open
    A good bluesy Hard Rock song.
    K.K. Martin - Vocals, Guitar
    Brian O'Brian - Drums
    Craig Miller - Bass

    3. Rags - Listen
    Typical late 80s early 90s L.A. Hard Rock.
    Joe Richardson - Vocals
    Tracy G. - Guitar (Ex-Swiftkick)
    Tom Mckee - Bass
    T.C. - Drums

    4. Chambers - War Games
    Great Female Fronted Heavy Metal.
    Midnight - Vocals
    Randy Chambers - Guitar, Bass
    Ray Delgado - Drums
    Anthony Rose - Keys, Effects

    5. Warbride - I Follow Your Star
    A Great Metal Ballad. One of the best Tracks on this comp.
    Nancy Huff - Vocals
    Lori Von Linstruth - Guitar
    Velia Garay - Keyboards
    Janna James - Bass
    Michelle Lee - Drums

    6. Cold Fire - Of the Flesh
    Very Good Heavy Metal.
    Lord Grey - Vocals
    Joe Floyd - Guitar (Warrior)
    Kelly Magee - Bass
    Liam Jason - Drums (Ex-Warrior)

    7. Sanctum - To the End
    Awesome Thrash. The best song on this comp.
    Dave Sanctum - Vocals
    Michael Lord - Guitar
    Carlos Medina - Bass
    Doug Clawson - Drums (Ex-Defcon, Ex-Evildead)

    8. Stikkitty - Life Lines
    Alternative hard rock with some funk influences. My Least Favorite song on this comp.
    Vincent K. - Vocals
    Johnny Gurzi - Guitar
    Dwayne Allen - Bass
    David Outzs - Drums

    9. E-Ticket - Passion Flower
    Mix of Mellow Glam/Grunge Rock.
    Marvless McDaniel - Guitar
    Randy Wild - Bass, Keyboard
    Herb Grahm Jr. - Drums

    10. Haunted Garage - Dead and Gone
    A Danzig Like Heavy Metal / Hard Rock song.
    Dukey Flyswatter - Vocals
    Gaby Godhead - Guitar
    John Ho - Guitar
    King Dinasaur - Bass
    Jonie Hell - Drums

    11. Pigmy Love Circus - Highway Man
    A song that is close to what White Zombie was doing at the time but with a little bit more thrash Metal influences.
    Michael Savage - Vocals
    Randy Walters - Guitar
    Peter Fletcher - Guitar
    Shephard Stevenson - Bass
    Anthony Martinez - Drums

    12. Witch - 1:45
    Great L.A. Heavy Metal. One of the best songs on this comp.
    Punky Peru - Drums
    Peter Wabitt - Vocals
    Ronny Too - Guitar
    Jim Warmon - Bass

    13. The Bullies - Finger of Doom
    A good old fashion Speed Metal Song
    Johnny Severe - Vocals
    Ron Chalante - Bass
    Lucifer Ferguson - Drums
    Pat G. - Guitar

    14. Bust'er Chops - Break'n Some Hearts
    Another nice Bluesy Hard Rock Track.
    Stephen John Krall - Vocals
    Lawrence Manser - Guitar
    Keven Hill - Bass
    Danny Read - Drums
    Jack Freidman - Sax

    15. Mandy Lion - Conclusion
    Pointless 30 second track

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    Reuploaded (Vinyl Rip 192kbps) Hidden Link

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    Ahh a cool compilation....I (Dave Sanctum) have not heard this in many years...Glad people are digging it.
    Just for the record..I was also in Defcon(cali) with LLoyd Grant and Dreams of Damnation with Jim Durkin
    Ive seen the Defcon demos floating around...Dave Gilstrap-Vocals

    This is a great source of old classic music....keep it up !

    Dave (sanctum)Gilstrap
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