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    Artist: V/A
    Release: Lifestyle Radio Sampler [7''EP] (2003)
    Genre: Alt-country / bluegrass / folk / Thrash Metal
    Country: Canada (Toronto, Ontario)
    Bitrate: WAV
    Size: 96.9 MB
    Hidden Link
    vinyl rip by canadaspaceman
    no audio cleaning used, crackles can be heard throughout.
    https://www.discogs.com/label/202604-Li ... -Records-3
    https://www.discogs.com/label/928594-Li ... -Records-5

    The only reason I bought this used record was for the Bloodwurm track, as I have nothing else released by them.

    The Greg English/Red Wind track may be of interest to prog-folk fans.

    9 minutes 24 seconds
    A1. John Rowley - She's crazy and she's trying to kill me (2:53)
    A2. Brady Jenkins - A Little Bit O' the Goo (1:16)
    B1. Greg English/Red Wind - Turtle Bay (2:37)
    B2. Bloodwurm - Erase The Past (2:38)
    https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/archi ... t-18-2001/

    "According to Brave Words, former INFERNAL MAJESTY vocalist Vince died of a heroin overdose on October 14th at an unspecified Toronto location. Vince, who appeared on INFERNAL MAJESTY's Creation Of Chaos demo and who laid down his vocals on the original version of the Scott Burns-produced Unholier Than Thou CD (which eventually received a release in 1999, albeit without Vince's contributions), became one of Canada's most notorious criminals when was arrested and sent to jail for slicing the wrist of a young woman and sucking her blood. After 7 months behind bars, he was found guilty of aggravated assault and convicted to just one day in jail. During the trail the young lady fell in love with Vince and they decided to live happily ever after. However, due to later misadventures, the vocalist ended up back to jail and ended up serving a four-year sentence for a number of assault charges. He had been the subject of more than one television show pertaining to the topic of modern day vampires, including an infamous appearance on the Sally Jessie Raphael show, via satellite from his prison cell. Prior to his death, Vince had fronted Toronto's BLOODWURM, whose critically-acclaimed Blasphemetized was issued last year. Local Inertia Entertainment promoter Noel E Noel summed up the passing on the Brave Words message board recently: 'He lead a life full of turmoil, as many in the Toronto scene would know, always a maniac when he performed on stage, including antics like self mutilation and fire breathing. He will definitely be remembered as a performer. For those who knew him personally, they will remember his life was making an upswing currently, with a refreshed perspective after spending time in Europe this spring/summer, and his current objective was to record a new CD, one which would surpass the musical masterpiece, Blasphemetized, he released in 2000. His style of 'Southern Fried Devil Rock' was definitely worth a listen. Many Torontonians will remember his music being played as interlude music at my concerts. Head to come.to/bloodwurm. Vince you will be missed and remembered. RIP, Oct. 14, 2001"
    I don't know why some details are still being kept a secret or being given a Vancouver location, but Vince died from a heroin overdose in the CD library backroom of (the now-defunct) CKLN-FM during Barbara Fisch's Satan Takes a Holiday radio show.
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