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    Artist: Various Artists
    Release: V/A - 1995 台灣地下音乐档案 III - Underground Music in Taiwan III [Compilation] (1995)
    Genre: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock / Rock / Pop
    Country: Taiwan
    Bitrate: FLAC
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    https://www.discogs.com/Various-1995%E5 ... se/9586693

    After the ending of the "National Music Competition" in 1992 (see my other post), the underground scene in Taiwan suffered of a lacking in space for underground bands.
    Between 1994-1995, Friendly Dog Records (友善的狗) released a serie of 3 volumes called "Underground Music in Taiwan" (台灣地下音乐档案) not linked or associated with any particular concert or live competition.
    It gave space to a few unknown bands who - except for rare cases - never had the chance to record further material before or after

    The last volume of the serie is basically a tribute album to the memory of Chen Qinxi (aka Doudou) and Zhang Zhiqiang (drummer in Wooden Top and Double X, the oldest taiwanese punk band), who died in a car accident in 1993. Only Assassin (刺客) stands as the most notable band, with an unreleased song. The year before they partecipated to another compilation for the same label, called "Friendly Dog 9 Top Artists / 友善的狗 9大創作藝人" with a song taken from their debut album.

    This is the very last compilation featuring hard rock / metal bands for long time in Taiwan: except for the one and only album by Forbidden Ground and the debut releases of Chtonic in the late 90's, the metal scene in Taiwan was already dead and gone

    First press CD with 6-panels folded booklet. In the late 2000's it was re-released with a simplified 4-pages booklet and with slipcase, as well as the other two volumes of the serie

    Unfortunately I scanned the artwork at 200 dpi... hope it's good enough
    1. 荳荳 (Peas) - 呼吸
    2. 荳荳 (Peas) - 繼續等待
    3. Nice Vice - We Are Young, Should Be Wild
    4. 荳荳 (Peas) - Joing 我的愛
    5. So What - 告別
    6. 傑克 與 魔荳 (Jack And The Magic Bean) - In the City
    7. 荳荳 (Peas) - Angel Falling to Hell
    8. 刺客 (Assassin) - 你不是你,我不是我
    9. So What - 從現在開始 (live)
    10. 紅螞蟻 (Red Ants) - 時間

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