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    Artist: Various Artists
    Release: War Rock I - Sengsara... Timur-Tengah (1987)
    Genre: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
    Country: Malaysia
    Bitrate: Flac
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    https://www.discogs.com/Various-War-Roc ... e/13737539

    "War Rock I - Sengsara... Timur-Tengah" is the first of a 3-part serie released by Mutiara Records in 1987, originally on tape only.

    It's a typical malaysian compilation of the era and not even one of the best: with a typical alternation between hard rock / heavy metal (the minority) and super boring cheesy ballads (the majority), these latter ruined by malaysian voice which is good in sining metal but terribly annoying when it comes to slow rock ballads.... basically a hard rock song and a ballad one for each band involved. These were the unwritten laws of the market during the golden age of "rock kapak" (the local version of hard rock): heavy and soft to please and catch the most different kind of audience possible. Not too dissimilar from other compilation released in the same years: "Clash of The Bands", "War Rock", "Batu Batu Perjuangan" and many others....buy with lower overall quality

    A few notes on the bands:
    Pratayuda have never recorded anything else but the singer Hattan later went on a very successful solo career in hard rock with something like 10 studio albums and countless best of, best of the best of, selections of best of, split, split of best of, compilation appearances and so on....

    Medicine (whose 4th track is quite nice) started as a quite traditional hard rock / metal band with some NWOBHM influences - these are the first official recordings ever - but later for their debut tape album "Titian" (1988) they quickly become more pop-rock and so it went even worse for their next successive albums released on major labels such as EMI ("Muzakarah", 1989; "Medicine", 1992; "Kembali", 1993) and they got a very huge success, with - as usual - countless best of, compilation, split, VCD, Karaoke and more.... The two songs featured here are different version than the ones on their debut album, even with different lyrics and much rawer

    The Kids and Midnight (the most interesting bands) had no further recordings but they are mostly remembered as some of their member formed the super successful pop rock band Iklim which became one of the most appreciated bands in hard pop music in Malaysia for the next decade and more....

    A few words on the music label, Pusat Muzikal Mutiara.... it is (it's still active) a super-super-super cheap label based in Seremban (state of Negeri Sembilan) somehow related with two other ultra-cheap labels, Warna (wrongly mistaken with the most famous and interesting Warnada) and Kuching, and they all are mostly concentrated on releasing dandgut (indonesian pop) and pop-yeh yeh (basically 60's rock and roll, whose name comes from a Beatles, song, "She Loves You (Yeah Yeah)": their releases are basically very cheap and shallow in looking and these 3 compilation, originally released on tape, show a certain incompetence in approaching the emerging and successful wave of "rock kapak" (the emerging new wave of malaysian hard-metal rock) choosing bands which basically, except for Medicine and Spring went nowhere. Most of the label's production was (and still is) destined for indonesian immigrants and cheap malaysian music stores based in poor districts with virtually no distribution in the official chain stores. They just jumped on the wagon of emerging hard rock and - as hundred of other non specialized labels - put out their own stuff...

    Nowadays the label is still active, still keeping really low quality productions and never released anything else in the rock/metal field.... with scarce distribution nowadays relegated in about-to-go-out-of-business indonesian electronic shops or destined to countryside, these 3 reissues on CD suddenly pop out in 2016 with zero advertising and virtually unexisting distribution. I just found them by my friend's VCD and Clock (!) store in Chow Kit, the indonesian immigrants area in Kuala Lumpur. The quality is in line with all the other products of the label: just a 2-page booket with printing on the front only, no information at all, no remastering (even if they do not sound too bad, but they are clearly sourced from original tapes) and really hard to find in shops, expecially the volume 2.

    Somebody said these reissues are bootleg but actually they are not: the fact is that for most malaysian people it was believed that the label ceased activity many years ago. But it's still active (more or less) with distribution relegated to indonesian immigrant shops only, where rarely malaysian go, so no wonder that somebody raised more than an eyebrow when these CD reissues came out a few years ago...

    Well, enjoy the first volume. Later I'll post the 2nd and 3rd part
    1. Pratayuda - Sengsata timur tengah
    2. Medicine - Di derai kerinduan
    3. Pratayuda - Kesucian abadi
    4. Medicine - Ingatlah
    5. The Kids - Ketenangan hidup
    6. Midnight - Kesepian
    7. The Kids - Siapa dia
    8. Midnight - Dunia meterialistik
    9. Pratayuda - Tangisan
    10. Medicine - Bantulah aku

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