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    Artist: V/A
    Release: Harder Than a Millstone, Compilation 1991
    Label: Metal Mustang Media #MMM 0-40015-2
    Genres: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
    Country: Netherlands
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    https://www.metal-archives.com/albums/E ... one/274822
    https://thecorroseum.org/comps/harderth ... stone.html

    From Booklet
    On request of Eternal Flame vocalist Gerrit Tijhof we started this project. And now, after a lot of work getting these four bands together, here it is. You might never heard of these bands before, but you will after hearing this CD. Four bands, who represent a broad range in this field. Opening up are Minas Tirith, a young band with a female vocalist, who show the melodic side of heavy rock. A great band who have a great future. Next in line are Gilgamesj, still rocking and rolling after 16 years. They deliver pure rocksongs and show what they've learned; skill and experience is what they carry with them. Third band is Lotus, who are the heaviest in this set. They make a great combination of old and new structures in heavy rock. The final band on this CD are Eternal Flame, who deliver a combination of melody and emotion with modern structures, based upon the original hard rock roots. Don't miss these bands when they are around in your neighbourhood. - Nicko Selen SMN.

    Minas Tirith
    Minas Tirith exist in their present line-up since July 21, 1991. They describe themselves as a melody based heavy metal band. The four tracks on this compact disc reflect the band's style and quality. If you want to have a good impression of Minas Tirith's qualities, then join them at their gigs!

    Wilma Willemse - Vocals
    Wim Epskamp - Guitar
    Vince Greeven - Guitar
    Guido den Hoed - Bass
    Arne ten Hoedt - Drums

    Gilgamesj was founded way back in 1975. In the beginning their musical style could be described as quite symphonic but through the years they developed to a more heavier course, due to the more heavier guitar playing by Gerrie den Hartog and Stanley Sanders. It's especially the solos of Gerrie that make Gilgamesj more than a average hardrock band. But a good guitar player doesn't make a good band! But Gilgamesj have got what you need for that. Besides the very basic playing rhythm-section, bassplayer Jan Vos and drummer Hans Laponder, Gilgamesj delivers a very fine hardrock vocalist, Frank van Stijn, who together with Hans, formed the band in 1975. Youngest recruit in Gilgamesj is André Booy, who plays the keyboards. What may be of great benefit is Gilgamesj's 16 year stage experience in the Dutch circuit. It has made them a solid band, who have released a few records through the years. But what is of great importance is: a good contact with the fans, not making a fuss, no big talk, but GIGGING! There are more bands who made by gigging instead of talking too much!

    Frank van Stijn - Vocals
    Gerrie den Hartog - Guitar
    Hans Laponder - Drums
    Jan Vos - Bass
    Stanley Sanders - Guitar
    Andre Booy - Keyboard

    A band with grit and amibition. An energetic stage-show. Enthuasiastic musicians with a lot of joy in playing. Emotional songs which take the audience so high. A growing following who guarantee a good sales at the band. A band full of contrasts: Exploside and modest; Superficial and profound; Subtle and ruthless; Innovative whithout losing the traditions; Sometimes prospectless but then again full of hope. Not afraid to be themselves on stage. Always pure naturally "live" and a great self-evidence before, during and after the show.

    Robert de Keijser - Vocals
    Phybeau Scholtens - Guitar
    Feddie Nicolai - Guitar
    Ferry Vermeeren - Bass
    Clé Heineman - Drums

    Eternal Flame
    In 1987 guitarist André Romita and vocalist Gerrit Tijhof joined forces, after leaving their former bands, both being unhappy with hte way things were going. What they wanted was a band with room for spontaneity and improvisation. They teamed up with drummer Robert Buitink and bassplayer Harry Pünt, who turned out to be the perfect backing machine. September 1988 Eternal Flame recorded their first demo-tape, "Stalingrad", which got rave reviews and sold more than 500 copies within six months. The second demo "Back to Basics", showed the great improvement. Powerful riffs, melody lines and good arrangements are Eternal Flame's trademarks. In November 1990 the band recorded four tracks for this CD-project. Three of them made it. The songs have been recorded the same way as the demos were done: played almost in a live situation with only a guitar-overdub here and there. So you can imagine how this band sounds live. In four years the band has got better and better. Their live performances show the band at their very best. They did a couple of unique tours, being the first hardrockband in Holland to do a Pub Tour. They have got a fanclub, a growing following who recognize them as a fresh band, who developed their own way of writing and playing.

    Gerrit Tijhof - Vocals, Keyboard
    André Romita - Guitar
    Harry Pünt - Bass
    Robert Buitink - Drums
    1. Minas Tirith - Hysterical Madness
    2. Minas Tirith - Point of No Return
    3. Minas Tirith - Mid Spring
    4. Minas Tirith - Xenophobia
    5. Gilgamesj - Victims
    6. Gilgamesj - Lightning Strikes
    7. Gilgamesj - Unknown Passenger
    8. Gilgamesj - Carry on
    9. Lotus - Nightmare
    10. Lotus - Shiwa
    11. Lotus - The Boy in Me
    12. Lotus - Legend
    13. Eternal Flame - One and All
    14. Eternal Flame - Blind Metal
    15. Eternal Flame - Limit of Dreams





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