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    Artist: V/A
    Release: Offering of Isca, Compilation 1985
    Label: Micro Records / Tabitha Music Publishers #MIC 15001
    Genres: Electronic / Synth / Pop / Rock / Hard Rock / NWOBHM / Heavy Metal
    Country: UK (Exeter)
    Bitrate: 256kbps
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    The album 'Offering of Isca' was released to give five Exeter bands a bigger push in their aim for recognition in the UK. The album is not aimed to play each band off against one another, it was produced purely for enjoyment and recognition for the bands archievements. The album was an idea of Martyn Good part of the West Country's top electronic group Circuit 7. Through his own experience in making records and distribution he felt he had something to offer the Exeter bands who wanted very much recognition for their effort. 'Offering of Isca' is released on the Exeter based Micro Record owned and run by Martin Good. The album has plenty of variation in the music offered by the five Exeter bands Circuit 7, Renegade Angel, Prowler, The Outfit and V.O.K. There is ten great tracks on a very varied and interesting album, the bands felt to round off the concept with a very reasonable price of £2.49 or less.

    Note: The bands feel very strongly in giving value for money, especially when it comes to charging the public. If you have been charged over the price stated for this album take it back and request that the retailer make you only pay the price indicated.

    https://www.discogs.com/Various-Offerin ... se/1492487

    The Renegade Angel line up is John Hall on lead guitar and vocals, Nigel Jewel on rhythm guitar and vocals, Bill Black on bass guitar and vocals and Mike Pinn on drums. They have been together since early 1984 and after an extensive number of live dates they can now command a good local following specially in Devon. During their live set most of the music they perform is their own. Their style covers a wide variation of heavy rock as well as danceable rock material. The two tracks on the album are "Hell's Let Loose" and "Classic Offender". They were both recorded at Geoff Hockings Studio in North Devon. Soical Media: Facebook / Soundcloud.

    Prowler have been together since 1983 with this line up featuring Al McRae on lead vocals, Mark Hutchinson on lead guitar and backing vocals, Julian Morgan on drums and Brian Middleton on bass guitar. Prowler have steadily built up a good local following in and around Devon and have plans to play further afield in 1985. A previous lineup also played in West Germany. The rock oriented foursome are based in Tiverton just outside the City of Exeter. The songs on the album are "Murder and Revenge" and "Sanctuary" both written by Al McRae and Mark Hutchinson. The foursome plan to go back into the studio later in the year to record some more original material.

    The Outfit has been together for about one year, formed in the Summer of 1984. The band line of features on bass guitar and vocals, Andy Carpenter on lead guitar, Gerry Philbin and on drums Kev Day. The line up featured now was the nucleus of another very popular band Suspended Sentence. After a short break in the Spring of 1984 the three lads decided they still had a lot to offer the local music scene. They reformed under the current name The Outfit and immediately recorded their first demo tape. Taken from that demo tape is two of the songs "Wreckless" and "Stealing With the Boys" which is on the 'Offering of Isca' album. Also featured on the track "Wreckless" is Ray Beavis on saxophones. One of the country's top sesison men, better known for his work with Shaken Stevens. All the material they perform is their own. They are very much a touring band which has one of the biggest followings in the West Country. Apart from touring the UK they have also performed in concerts on the Continent. The lads are due back in the studios at the end of 1985 where very possibly their debut single will materialise.

    Formed 1 March 1983 made up of two members Martyn Good and Andrew Partington. Circuit 7 rapidly became one of the top electro groups of the West Country Just with 3 releases behind them they have sold several thousand singles in the UK and on the Continent. Allthough since their formation they have not done any live gigs, they have featured in many radio shows, press slots and television. Now Circuit 7 moves into a new image and dimension. Andrew is deparing to work on a solo project whils Martyn is still working on with the Circuit 7 concept. Allthough their album was all but finished they decided to postpopne it so the latest recording technique could be used and more up to date songs could be added. On 'Offering of Isca' you can hear their latest recording together "Seat Tonight" and on the flip side their latest single "India", a special dance mix version for the album. Although they have parted company as for now there is a strong possibility that they will work together again in the not too distant future. A new single is planned for late 1985 and the album due for late 1985, early 1986.

    Helen - The girl
    Spike - The master of ceremonies
    Daemion - The voice
    1. Circuit 7 - India
    2. Renegade Angel - Hell's Let Loose
    3. The Outfit - Reckless
    4. V.o.K - Lonely Boys, Lonely Girls
    5. Prowler - Murder & Revenge
    6. Renegade Angel - Classic Offender
    7. Prowler - Sanctuary
    8. Circut 7 - Beat Tonight
    9. The Outfit - Stealing With the Boys
    10. V.o.K - Nukes of Terra





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