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    Artist: V/A
    Release: Northwest Metal Projekt, Promo Compilation 1986
    Genres: Heavy / Power Metal
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Rip and share by Egbert, many thanks!!

    Uploader Notes: It was a promotional only tape and package done by Jeff Gilbert in late `86 as a European promotional thing with Charles Hunfeld and close to a last gasp for his C.O.M.A. label (the final release was the Mistrust LP in the spring of `87). I have the original one with the green insert and the paperwork of bios and info, etc. Sanctuary's first couple demos from Triad, early Cruella demos, the two SH5 songs that were on the 7" (which will be included on our forthcoming Slaughterhaus 5 album release by NWMW), one of the Upper Echelon tracks from their vinyl EP, and the other from their 1985 demo tape, etc. Hammerhead is the same as on their LP. The Rottweiller stuff is from their mid-80s demo with Paul Crisman on vocals, Rick Van Zandt on guitar, Izzy Rehaume on bass and the same drummer from the 1984 NW Metalfest album track Doug Marripodi. Invader is also on the comp with a couple tracks

    Info from Promo Sheet: Greetings! Enclosed you will find a promotional package that contains music, photos, and information on seven of the Pacific Northwest's finest metal bands. This new type of promotion is called the "Northwest Metal Projekt" and is the brainchild of American Rock Promotions founder, Charles Hunfeld, and C.O.M.A. Records president, Jeff Gilbert. The "Northwest Metal Projekt" is a unique promotional service in that it is designed exclusively for the bands in the Washington/Oregon areas. Contained in the debut package are Upper Echelon (Seattle), Rottweiller (Seattle), Invader (Seattle), Cruella (Portland), Hammerhead (Tacoma), Slaughter Haus 5 (Seattle) and Sanctuary (Seattle). We hope that you will help us to support the Northesth's thriving metal talent, and the underground scene of which it is part of. In the event that you decide to review the bands in this project, please send us a copy of your publiciation so that we can forward them to the bands, who will then be able to use the promo is their press kits. The ultimate objective of this service is to get these bands album deals. With your help we can acheive this. Thank you in advance for your help, and do look forward to receiving future packages with even more diverse Northwest metal talent that we will be representing.
    1. Upper Echelon - Red Tape
    2. Upper Echelon - Drivin' Mean
    3. Hammerhead - Arakian Nightmares
    4. Hammerhead - Neighbors
    5. Invader - Ride It Out
    6. Invader - Master of Suspense
    7. Cruella - In Time / Beyond Belief
    8. Cruella - Traitors
    9. Sanctuary - Battle Angels
    10. Sanctuary - Soldiers of Steel
    11. Rottweiller - Set the World On Fire
    12. Rottweiller - Tough to Take
    13. Slaughter Haüs 5 - Reckless Endangerment
    14. Slaughter Haüs 5 - More Than a Friend

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