For Sale » Donpheebin (Thrash Metal/Speed) from Thailand on sale
I don't know how many of you are into thai metal and speed/thrash metal but I got a stock of sealed copies of some Donpheebin albums:

1) Donpheebin: Dark world (1st album, recorded in 1991/1992, released in 1992. I have both the CD re-release made in 2007 and the recent "special edition" made in 2014, which is basically a new print of the 2007 edition. Both limited to 300 copies:ดอนผบน-โลกมด-Dark-World/release/5081402

2) Donpheebin: Way of death (2nd album, recorded and released in 1994): I got 2 sealed copies of the 2007 CD re-release:ดอนผบน-เสนทางสายมรณะ-Reissue-2007/release/6536438

3) Donpheebin: Disastrous device occurrence (3rd album, recorded and released in 1996): I got 2 sealed copies of the 2007 CD re-release:ดอนผบน-อบาทว-อบต-Disastrous-Device-Occurrence-Re-Issue-2007/release/6536507

4) Donpheebin: San Yarn Yuann aka Signs aka Collision Part II (5th album, recorded and released in 1998): I got 2 sealed copies of the 2014 CD re-release:ดอนผบน-สญญาณเยอน-Part-II-San-Yarn-Yuann/release/6536560

5) Doomed Day: Doomed Day 1 (1st album, recorded and released in 1998): I got 1 copy of the 2014 CD re-release:วนลมสลาย-Doomed-Day-1-Reissue-2557/release/6537144

I was talking with the singer - a realy lovely person, if you come to Chiang Mai you should meet him at his shop - and he said they will also re-issue the 4th, 6th and 7th album within next summer, as well as the two compilation called "Harsh & Raw" (with demo recordings from 1982 to 1994) and the Doomed Day Demo.

Doomed Day is the side project of Donpheebin. The history is a bit complicated. The original line up of Donpheebin asted from 1982 to 2000. In 1998 one of the three brothers involved in the band decided to start a doom metal side project, Doomed Day, which recorded 3 albums.
Original Donpheebin split up in 2000 when all the thre brothers moved back from Bangkok to their original hometown, Chiang Mai.
In the recent years the band was reformed as a progressive/experimental/instrumental metal solo project by one of the three brothers and 3 albums were recorded between 2012 and 2014 (on the MA is missing the latest release, Utopia Part II)

The band is continuously re-releasing their albums on CD - each pressing is strictly limited to 300 copies. On summer they will finally get the permission to re-release the 4th, 6th and 7th albums which were never re-released because of some legal copyright with EMI.
There is also the project to re-release the two "Harsh & Raw" Compilations on one CD only: they are a collection of rare and unreleased recordings.aternative version/rehearsal stuff recorded between 1982 and 1994. Originally printed in very limited cassette edition and in even more limited CDr, the singer is planning to re-release them on a silver printed/factory pressed CD. Also the demo recordings of Doomed Day are planned to be re-released on CD on next summer.

Let me know if you are interested in these CDs. I will be here for a week and I can get more copies if necessary. When I will leave Chiang Mai I won't accept any more request because these CDs are impossible to find outside the town. Not even in Bangkok due to the very limited amout f copies pressed (300) which barely satisfy the request by local fans and nothing more....
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