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    Artist: Enigma
    Release: I Aim to Bluff, EP 1980
    Label: Bootleg Records #BOOT 003
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK (Middleton, Manchester)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Here is a long time buried treasure from a band called ENIGMA, the EP is entitled 'I Aim to Bluff' and was issued back in 1980 on the Bootleg Records label. I got these songs on a CD compilation from the bass player Nick (a great guy!) who also gave me permission to share 2 of the songs from the 7" here on the blog (2. Doctor and 4. Wolf on the Mountain). The complete EP together with their 3-track 1981 demo will hopefully be reissued next year on a well known label so keep your eyes open, I will post updates about this if/when it happens. Also my thoughts goes out to the family and friends of the drummer Garry "Sid" Bloomfield who passed away May this year after struggling a long term of heart problems. Let us all remember this NWOBHM legend!.

    Here is a brief history written by Nick Clarkson, enjoy!
    Originally formed in 1978 with a line-up of Mike Eaton-Dykes - Lead Guitar / Vocals, Ian Cannon - Bass, Nigel Crompton - Drums, Paul Chadwick - Guitars and Steve Futers - Sax. Played a few gigs in the Middleton area of Manchester. 1979 Ian, Nigel, Paul and Steve went on to leave the band. The line-up now had a proper vocalist Andy Ellison, a second guitarist Rick Ward and drummer Gary "Sid" Bloomfield. I came into that line-up around August '79. Played loads of gigs around Middleton, Oldham, Rochdale, Heywood, Stalybridge and Manchester. They had a great residency at "The White Lion" in Heywood, if a band cancelled, BAM! we were there. As we improved it was decided that we would do a single - it ended up being and EP recorded in two studios, Graveyard 4-track studios in Whitefield (tracks 2-4 of the EP) and Bootleg Studios in Stockport. It was Bootleg Studios that also pressed the EP. On the original vinyl EP it lists who wrote the songs but it's kind of wrong. "Doctor" was written before I joined and I believe is one of the earliest ENIGMA songs so that can be probably attributed to the first line-up back in 78. "She Said" and "I Aim to Bluff" were written while I was in the band so.. yeah we all added to them. "Wolf on the Mountain" was co-written by a friend of the band; Duncan Ray (top bloke!) and Mike, I think. Anyway the gigs kept coming we played a pub full of bikers in Ashton-u-Lyne called "The Spread Eagle" who by the time we finished loved us... even though we were a bunch of kinds.. c'mon I was 18!. Probably the oldest in the band by a few months. The EP was played a few times on "Piccadilly Radio" and a few reviews in papers went down well.

    Summer 1980 comes around and Sid and Rick have left, back in is Nigel on drums and Paul on guitar. Still gigging like crazy. Come January 1981 it's back to Graveyard Studios to do some more demos. 3 songs were done, "Of the Universe", "Rock 'n' Roll Homicide" and "Guitar Star", all of which we had been doing live for a few months. For some strange reason Paul wasn't in the studio so Mike handled all the guitar duties. These were the last recordings made - they may be a little rough (I drop a few bum notes for sure) but it was always the intent to go back into the studio and finish them off - sadly the band split a few months later so they were never finished. BUT HEY we had some great times while the band were going, played some awesome gigs, and had so many laughs (like the time we had to wangle our way onto a bus with a 4 x 12 speaker cab!). Those of us who still see each other are still mates.. and that's what it's all about I guess. A quick thanks to a couple of the guys who were always there for us - Ian Spooner Thorp a constant guiding light and friend of the band. Stu Selwoord our amazing electrical guy, Steve Torph again helped out when he could with the old electrics, and Colin Thorp who must have been the 1st to have ENIGMA embroidered on the back of his jacket. Duncan Ray for "Wolf on the Mountain" and a decent mate.. where are ya?? John Merrit for letting us crash at his house after one of the Rochdale Tiffany's gig, and again another good mate.. who's disappeared too! Plus anyone who came to see us.. especially the chap who used to come up from Peterborough.. probably has the only signed copy of the EP :).

    Track 1 recorded at Bootleg Studios, Stockport
    Tracks 2 - 4 recorded at Graveyard 4 Track Studios in Whitefield.

    Andy Ellison - Vocals
    Mike Eaton-Dykes - Lead Guitar
    Nick Clarkson - Bass
    Rick Ward - Guitar
    Gary "Sid" Bloomfield - Drums
    1. I Aim to Bluff
    2. Doctor
    3. She Said
    4. Wolf on the Mountain
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