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    Artist: High Risk
    Release: Live, Demo & Studio Recordings, 1980s
    Genre: Prog Rock / Hard Rock
    Country: UK (Chichester, West Sussex)
    Bitrate: 128kbps
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    Various live, studio and demo recordings w/Chichester, West Sussex based band HIGH RISK.
    Features members from Nightrider, The Alibi, Ptarmigan, All That's Fiction, A Kind of Fury etc.

    High Risk Mk1 came from the ashes of Ptarmigan, forming in August 1980 when drummer Martin Wilkins left and Russell Payne joined, the mk1 line up being Steve Gibbs, Vocals, Max Macdonald, Guitar/Vocals, Forbes Haggis Cook, Bass, Mike Johns Guitar/Vocals, Russell Payne Drums and Chris Jenkinson, Keyboards. The Line up changed in 1981, with Mike, Russell and Chris leaving (not all at the same time!!), and the remainder of the band bringing in, Nick Beal, Keybords and Kev Robey Drums, in 1982 they decided to take the Theatrical rock route like thier idols Alice cooper and the Tubes. Joining the line up in 1982 came Tanya Morgan and Carol Bath, as the mainstays of the The Naughty Bits, who were also joined at times by Jo, Liz and Valerie, acting out Naughty vaudeville sketches!! plus adding vocals. As the The band grew with thier new stage show, which included, pyrotecnics, stage blood, electric chairs, beds, Axes and chainsaws !!! they were quicky outgrowing the Pub circuit which they had been mostly playing up until then, by Mid 1982 the band had now moved up a gear playing, Town halls, colleges and Theatres,as well as some bigger pubs, and one particular pub they still played at in Bournemouth, banned them because too many people were turning up to see them, which made the front page of the local paper, So the next time the band played there they changed thier name and dressed up in Drag, not a pretty sight!.

    High Risk Mk2 were a theatrical rock based in Chichester on the south coast, they called it a day at the end 1983 after a very busy year giging around the country. High Risk mk2 1981-83: Steve Gibbs, Vocals, Max Macdonald, Guitar/Vocals, Forbes Cook, Bass, Nick Beal, Keybords, Kev Robey, drums The Naughty Bits, Tanya Morgan, Carol Bath, Liz, Jo and Valerie Macdonald. Crew. Benny Lillywhite, sound, Richard Douse, Pyro/sound/Actor!!, Sam Bath, lights

    Highlights of the short reign High Risk Mk2 line up would have been, Appearing on the Kid Jenson TV show on which they played Finger on the Pulse, The band were in the Kerrang rock mag numerous times, it was Kerrang writter Dave Dickson who took them under his wing and helped them, The band were selling out theatres and Colleges, Playing the famous Dingwalls in London, They played at the UK bike show 2 years running, and were packing out on a regular basis the well know Rock venue in london the Ruskin Arms (home of Iron Maiden) it seemed towards the end of 83 the band were appearing there nearly every week!! Had High Risk not called it a day when they did who knows what would have been round the corner, just before the end of 83 the band had talks with Greg Parker and the Ex bass player of Rainbow about a mangement deal... to say they called it a day too early?..yes!! ...and if you were lucky enough to have been at one of the shows you would know that.... It was all done in the Best Possible Taste!!!

    High Risk Mk2 never released any Official Material song wise, There is a demo that was recorded in the studio, 2 tracks Dont sell yourself cheap and Time wont wait, A demo of 8 songs recorded at a rehearsal, there are Several bootleg sound recordings The John Peel Gosport Nov 1981, The Pinecliff Bournemouth 1982, The Regis Centre Bognor 1982, A tape with Clips from 3 different 1983 shows Bishop Otter col., Prices Col Fareham, and Bournemouth Town Hall, and The Ruskin Arms London Dec 1983 the bands last ever gig and in my opinion the best recording not soundwise but for energy and the structure of the set, with great songs, they show a lot of what was to come but....not to be!! , On film there is the TVS Kid Jenson footage, a Vid Promo that was Shot in London, and three shows Jumpers Tavern Christchurch 1982 (Complete) The Regis Centre Bognor 1983 (Highlights) and The Regent Centre Bournemouth 1983. The band are today active as THE ALIBI:

    Last Known Line-Up
    Steve Gibbs - Vocals
    Malcolm "Max" Macdonald - Guitar, Vocals
    Forbes "Haggis" Cook - Bass
    Kev Robey - Drums
    Nick Beal - Keyboards

    Former / Past Members
    Mike "Jones" Johns - Guitar, Vocals
    Russell Payne - Drums
    Martin Wilkins - Drums
    Chris Jenkinson - Keyboards
    Jacobs Studios, Studio Tape 1981 (same tracks as their 7" EP)
    1. Must Be Crazy
    2. I Go to Pieces
    3. Rich Kid

    Chidham Session, 1981
    1. Don't Know What To Say
    2. Jealousy
    3. Time Out

    Chidham Session, 198x
    1. Stranger In Your Own Home
    2. Time Out
    3. Cold And Heartless
    4. Jealosy
    5. Don't Sell Yourself Cheap
    6. Time Won't Wait
    7. Can't Complain

    Chestnus Studios, Demo 198x
    1. Don't Sell Yourself Cheap
    2. Time Won't Wait

    High Risk MK 1 Remasters, 198x
    1. Poor Little Rich Kid
    2. How Can You Say That
    3. It's A Risk

    Live at the Regis Centre, 198x
    1. Time Won't Wait
    2. Start Turning Them Down
    3. I Want You
    4. Timeout
    5. Don't Sell Yourself Cheap

    Ruskins Arms, London , December 1983
    1. Finger On The Pulse
    2. You Kept Me Waiting

    Ptarmigan (pre-High Risk) Session, 19xx
    1. Greasepaint Romance
    2. The Great Escape
    3. Half A Reason
    4. Tears of a Clown
    5. Moonlight

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    Is this band the same that contributed with the song "What is Love" in the Metal Madness compilation?
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