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    Artist: Treason
    Release: Demo, 1982
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK (Oxford)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    This should be the Oxford band who recorded another 3tr demo in '82 (posted here by Boris1)
    Sorry I don't have titles...

    Last Known Line-Up
    Steve "Steevi Jaimz" Denham - Vocals (Tigertailz, Crash K.O., Tranzzam, Idle Threat, Cherry St., St. Jaimz, China Rogue, Steevi Jaimz)
    Dave Docherty - Guitars
    Rick Page - Bass
    Ace Finchum - Drums (Tigertailz, Crash K.O., Tranzzam, Angel Witch, Tokyo Blade, Marseille, Steevi Jaimz)

    Info from
    “Treason – from the Oxford area are not to be confused with treason from Liverpool. No, the similarly monikered Liverpudlians would really have to be something special to beat this class outfit. With music best described as hard rocking but catchy HM, the band have built up an impressive local reputation since their inception in October 1980. Originally a five piece, they’ve now dispensed with the second axeman, deciding to rely totally on flying v armed Dave Docherty. The other members are Steve Denham (vocals), Rick Page (bass) and Ace Fincham (drums). Ample proof of the bands growing confidence and class was provided by a recent gig at the legendary Pennyfarthing pub in Oxford where even staunch regulars were impressed by the bands set.

    Eagle eyed HM buffs will have noticed the bands two recent entries in sounds HM chart. The first “revenge” which reached number 7, was a great boost. Ace “it was an unbelievable feeling to see our name above bands like Black Sabbath and Kiss. The band recently recorded a new demo tape (the first wasn’t of high enough sound quality) at Cambridge spaceward studios where Maiden cut their first demo, is a three-track of excellent quality, and Treason hope it will attract record company interest (hello Neat). Featuring two new tracks and the aforementioned classic “Revenge”. It’s a heavy hard rockin’ taster of what’s to come. The band had planned to bring out a self-financed single but decided that a van would be more important at this stage in their career. Most dedicated to the band’s future is vocalist Steve – his one ambition is “to be on the road and playing our music across the country”. So if you see a transit van with the Treason logo on the side, follow it because you won’t be disappointed – inside are one hot band”
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    Thanks !
    Haven't listened it yet but if everything's correct, this is their 1st demo also from 1981 and was released before the other demo Boris posted.
    I haven't track list also.
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