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    Artist: Avalon (ex-Prowler)
    Release: Demo, 1980/1982?
    Genre: Hard Rock / NWOBHM
    Country: UK (Glasgow)
    Bitrate: 128kbps
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    Included are 2 different rips of the same demo.
    Some sources say it was recorded 1980 and other 1982 (the songs may have been recorded between 1980-1982).

    Same band who released the single 'Going Thru / Gypsy Secrets' in 1981.

    Paul was the guitarist and vocalist in first Prowler then Avalon 1977-1981, Big in America 1982-1984, Lovers Crime 1984-1985, then worked a guitarist keyboards with Neil Russell from the band, Glasgow, 1987 until now. Paul also collaborated with Hamie of Heavy Pettin in 1990 when we produced a 10 track cd featuring the songs, 'Substitute' and 'In the Heat of the Night', which were both recorded by Chyld, Hamie's band in America. Chyld featured Damon Johnston, of Thin Lizzy on Guitar, and Alice Cooper’s bass and drums section. Paul toured with them in the USA in a writing capacity. Paul was also in Neetah Cheetah, a female fronted rock outfit in Glasgow with Neil Russell, 1987-1991. Paul continues to write and record rock songs and now music for TV and Film.

    Paul Murdoch played his first gig at the age of 8 with the Black and White Minstrels back in 1969. Since that fairly non PC beginning he went on to play in rock bands like Prowler, Avalon and Neetah Cheetah. Always writing he recorded with Hamie of Heavy Pettin, Stevie Doherty of The Dolphins and Neil Russell from the band Glasgow. He spent time in America touring and writing with the band Chyld, which also featured current Lizzy and Black Star Rider's guitarist, Damon Johnston. Recently, Paul has performed in Holland, Indonesia and, of course, in Scotland. Hailing from Alexandria, Paul is currently finishing off his first solo album which will feature the stand-out track 'Golden Rust'. Written about his mum and her struggle with dementia, the emotion in his voice and playing cuts through the track like a knife. "Dementia seems to be an increasingly horrible disease that effects so many families in Scotland and elsewhere." Paul is currently working on a film soundtrack and a broadway show, as well as his new band Graffiti Skies. This project includes Jim Carr of Prowler and Avalon. The track Rollercoaster is a rocking number that has hints of Lizzy and Rush. Other interesting facts: Paul is a published children's author with 9 books in publication. He is also a children's ambassador for Asthma UK and produces video diaries for Education Scotland. He is also working on various Scottish film projects. ... e_internal ... 4594055630

    Last Known Line-Up
    Paul "Sam Wilding" Murdoch - Vocals, Guitar (Prowler, Chyld, Black and White Minstrels, Big in America, Lovers Crime, Apres Ski, Neetah Cheetah, Crooked Tree, Graffiti Skies)
    Campbell Logan - Guitar
    Jim Carr - Bass (Prowler, Graffiti Skies)
    Gregor "Greg" Porterfield - Drums

    Former / Past Members
    1. Shadow Play (Rory Gallagher cover)
    2. Kublai Khan
    3. Gypsy Secrets
    4. End of the Road Now Brother
    5. Goin' Thru
    Wantlist: Physical / Digital
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    Blimey, i never thought i'd see a mention of 'Neetah Cheetah' on HMR. (eek)
    I used to see them play fairly regularly at my then-local pub 'Christies' in Alexandria in the early '90s. They were a slick female-fronted AOR type band that didn't go down all that well with the regulars who much preferred the harder stuff.
    One infamous night the guitarist broke a string, exposing the fact that they were using backing tapes, after which the heckling became ridiculous. Credit where it's due though, they stood their ground & finished their set despite the abuse they were getting, which couldn't have been easy.
    I had no idea that there was a connection to Avalon.
    Regarding the date this demo was recorded; as 'Goin' Thru' was released as a single in 1981 it seems unlikely to me that the band would then have re-recorded it as a demo in '82, so 1980 or early '81 seems more realistic.
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